Small Businesses Strive for E-Fairness


Ask Roberta Bonoff, CEO and president of Creative Kidstuff, a specialty toy store based in Minnesota, how her company has stayed in business for 30 years and she’ll tell you, “First and foremost, it’s about offering your customers and your community an experience and service they won’t find anywhere else. Second, it’s about staying relevant […]

“Nonline” Holiday Shopping Trends Revealed

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The Metaspace Economy, a term referring to today’s new economy, is impacting the retail sector and holiday purchasing behaviors.

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Connect With Cloud Computing

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The Cloud provides a wealth of opportunities for smaller retailers, including marketing and loyalty programs, operations, inventory control, human resources and payment services, and can solve communication, collaboration and competition issues.

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Retailers Encouraged Congress will Enact E-Fairness Legislation Soon

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Congress moves one step closer to closing a decades-old sales tax loophole.

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Innovations for Brick and Mortar Businesses

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To help brick and mortar shops compete with Internet-only businesses, many landlords are launching innovative leasing and promotional products.

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Small Biz, Small Design

If you are running a brick and mortar store, you are probably renting a space that caters to your needs. However, the space may work more for your financial rather than your selling needs. While support for small business may be growing, your sales don’t appear to be on the same upward trend, because your […]

Tracking Customers

Do brick and mortar retailers know what their customers want and need? Since in-store customer service is all about face-to-face interaction, many would believe this to be true. While the store owner’s goal is to get to know each and every customer with the hope of gaining loyalty, sometimes the shopping rush shortens those personal […]

Youth Favor Brick and Mortars

The days of typewriters, encyclopedias and good old fashioned letter writing have been replaced by PCs and laptops, search engines and email, making digital a way of life. And while today’s college bound students and recent graduates swear by the Internet as a resource for research, gaming and socializing, one thing is for certain: it […]

Indies Fill Vacancies

Over the years, malls and shopping centers have been historically filled by brand name retailers, until recently, as many locations battle with the harsh reality of decreased foot traffic, expensive leases and possible bankruptcy in the wake of the recession. In turn, property and leasing managers have been faced with the challenge to fill vacant […]

Offline and Online Service

As brick and mortar retailers join the online community in an effort to reach more customers, many are at a loss for the appropriate marketing and customer service strategies for their virtual store. Used to face-to-face interaction in which a smile and a greeting could make a sale, traditional brick and mortar retailers are now […]