Fashionable & Fragrant Coil Incense Gifts


Scents-Of-Asia has introduced an exclusive line of incense coils, available in four of today’s most popular fragrances, including sandalwood, rose, lavender and jasmine. Each set of 50 coils and an original bunny coil holder is packaged in a trendy art deco paper can.

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Fragrances & Scented Products: The Formula for Success


Consumers crave an aromatic environment, and scented products continue to have broad appeal as affordable gifts as well as staple household purchases. Today’s wholesalers make it easier than ever for retailers to sell a variety of fragrant products, such as perfumes, lamps, body oils, incense sticks and burners, and candles, at great profit margins. L&V […]

Fragrances, Scents & More!


Wholesalers and retailers agree that fragrances and scented products transcend age and gender, meeting the needs of a diverse clientele.

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GFD Spells Incense Profits


Scented products and incense always enjoy a strong following, but GFD has an edge over the competition.

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Matt’s Incense Has Fragrances, Oils and More From a Wholesaler With Retailing Roots


If you deal in fragrances and oils, it’s wise to do business with this Florida wholesaler who knows your challenges.

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Veteran Candle Maker Makes Move Into Retail

SFI Finest Fragrances

SFI Fragrances is responding to customer demand and rolling out its line to retailers large and small

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Flame Out Your Candles

Flame Out

Steve Korniak’s Crown Enterprises offers a unique new product called Flame Out, a handheld device consisting of a sqeezeable bulb and spout, for use in blowing out candles.

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Original Man Candle


The Original Man Candle Company has put a clever new twist on a product that is probably as old as time. The company does not just sell candles; it sells candles with an, “attitude,” as one could guess by some of the candles’ names, including Popcorn, Pizza, Draft Beer, Cup O’ Joe, Garage, Fishing Dock, […]