Made In USA’s Surge

Recent and growing wage increases benefiting Chinese workers have made trading companies and Western retailers that import from China aware of potential cost increases and disgruntled American and European consumers. Bruce Rockowitz, chief executive of a large trading company supplying Chinese consumer goods to American retail chains, confirms the expected increase, saying, “The companies’ average […]

Return of American Manufacturing and Made in USA Brands

US Economy

A return in U.S. manufacturing and increase in Made in USA brands may be a reality within five years.

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Pay Raises Risk Future Chinese Imports

Chinese Imports

A recent wage increase benefiting Chinese workers has trading companies and Western retailers aware of potential cost increases.

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China Sourcing Fair

China Sourcing Fair

The United States imports a significant amount of products from China, which manufactures a dominant share of the world’s consumer products. As Bill Janeri, general manager at Global Sources, reports, “It is no longer the case of ‘Can China produce it?’ China already produces it.” On July 11 to 12 from 10am to 6pm and […]

China Sourcing Fair Serves North and Latin American Buyers

Global Sources Tradeshow Miami

Global Sources provides independent retailers the opportunity to meet Asia based manufacturers.

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