Midseason Apparel Buying

Apparel Shopper

At this point in the summer, many retailers have mentally wrapped up their warm-weather buying and are preparing inventories for fall and winter. [Read more]

Crafty Strategies Help Make Erazor Bits Run

Erazor Bits

Standing out in the crowded t-shirt market can be a challenging proposition, but it is one that New Jersey-based wholesaler Erazor Bits has met time and again, thanks to some fortuitous timing and president Khalid Shehady’s ever-evolving strategic thinking. [Read more]

On Trend Styles with a Positive Message


From color trends and designs to bold letters and patterns, Kerusso’s apparel has always kept up with what is in style for the upcoming season all while maintaining their positive Christian message. [Read more]

Gazoz Builds Apparel Sales


Gazoz is a wholesaler of fashion apparel to everyone from boutique owners to overseas apparel stores. The company’s product line features apparel for children, teens, and adults, in men’s and women’s styles. There is also a line of plus-sized apparel. [Read more]

Rex Expands Into Licensed T-Shirts

Rex Distributing

Rex International has got your T-shirt department covered. The international wholesaler carries branded T-shirts from globally recognized companies including Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Ford, Chevy, and Marvel Comics, for wholesale distribution according to Mani Sakhari, sales manager for Rex. [Read more]

Nothing Cozier Than Fall 2014 Fashion

Nothing Cozier Than Fall 2014 Fashion

Expect to be warm this winter. The bigger the shape and the bigger the knit, the more on trend and more comfortable fashion is looking for fall 2014. Polar vortex or not, the season’s trends are full of easy-to-wear pieces that produce a warm and cozy look into the coming months. [Read more]

Printed T-shirts by Mizrahi & Gardner

Mizrahi Gardener

If your consumers are in the market for printed T-shirts, Mizrahi & Gardner has got your back. Operating as jobbers continuously since 1969, Mizrahi & Gardner has reinvented itself many times over the years, according to company owner Peter Gardner. Today, the company specializes in printed T-shirts. [Read more]

Foil Stamped T-Shirts From Erazor Bits

Foil Stamped T-Shirts From Erazor Bits

Erazor Bits, now in their 20th anniversary year has been making custom silkscreen graphics since 1993. The company specializes in military, firefighter and emergency medical services novelty T-shirts and glassware. [Read more]

Summer Scarves: Low Risk, Cost Efficient

Summer Scarves: Low Risk, Cost Efficient

No matter where you shop, one product seems to be available almost everywhere: Scarves. We’re not talking about the winter accessory scarf either. Thankfully, those can be put away for a while. Summer scarves are appearing on shelves now, which can be worn in a variety of different ways. If you have a store and don’t carry scarves, now is an ideal time to start. [Read more]

Fall Fashion Accessory Trends

Fall Fashion Accessory Trends

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Fall/Winter 2014 revealed new colors, shapes and designs that will shake up your product selection, and enhance your customers’ wardrobes. As fashion moves away from delicate and dainty, it ventures boldly into bulky looks and strong colors that scream, “Look at me!” [Read more]