Family Biz Best In West


In 1980, Richard Mottsman was 52 years old and out of a job. So he and his wife, Evelyn, started over from scratch, peddling goods locally. They found a market for Western items, and a company was born. The nascent company grew, and the Mottsmans’ kids grew into it. “Now my sister Paula and I […]

Buy Wise Warms Up To Cold-Weather Season


Wholesaler offers wool-feel capes and reversible vests just in time for the looming cold weather. Are you prepared for winter’s worst?

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Online Buying: E-retailers Stand 10 Million Strong


An infographic analysis of data from several sources reveals strengthening in the e-commerce marketplace.

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Good News: Retail Sales Up Strongly


The Commerce Dept. reports strong sales of clothing, gasoline, fueling hopes that brighter days are ahead.

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Sales Up as Shoppers Hunt for Tax-Free Bargains

Local retailers in Texas and Connecticut saw a jump in activity as the states rolled out annual tax-free shopping events. In Texas, this past weekend was tax-free on numerous clothing, footwear and school supplies priced under $100. “We’ve had lots of sales and specials and reductions to go with the tax-free holiday,” one retailer said. […]

A Taste for Tye Dye


MDM International was started in the mid 1990s by Mark Herman, but when he passed away a little over a year ago, his son-in-law, Marc Ruggieri, stepped in.

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Frugal Fatigue

Here is some good news for independent retailers who sell apparel. According to The NPD Group, Inc. (, a market research company headquartered in Port Washington, NY, the U.S. apparel market, while in negative territory for 2009, showed signs of coming back to life as the year ended. Between frugal fatigue and pent up demand, […]

Apparel Trends and Bargains


Hot fashion trends, designer names and designer logos may capture the heart of the fashion conscious buyer in 2010, but an equally strong pull will continue to be the tug of tight purse strings, as unemployment lingers uneasily at over 10 percent nationwide and family budgets stay tight. But what seems to be boding well […]

Cowboy Up with Authentic Western Products

Cowboy Hat

Looking to add some country/western flavor to your product lineup? J.R. Palacios Enterprises has you covered.

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Blinking T-shirts

RS Page 3

AGA WHOLESALE introduces, P-qualizer voice activated T-shirts, in a choice of 30 different designs that light up and blink when a sound is made. They operate on two AA batteries, which fit into a special pocket on the inside of the shirt. There is an on/off switch, so the wearer can control when the lights […]