Inventory Forecasting

Is your cash tied up in unsold inventory? If so, the following questions should be addressed: How did it get there? What can be done to get it out? How can you prevent the same thing from happening again? Clearly you are purchasing more than you are capable of selling. The extra inventory is carried […]

Retailers Work Through Five Stages of Grief Towards Economic Recovery

Slow Business

When a retailer first notices slow business in general or items not selling as they should, denial is often the first emotion felt.

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Holiday Sales Require Deeper Customer Connections

Customer Connection

Deeper connections with consumers can help drive higher levels of purchase intent, response rates, online engagement and advocacy.

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Consumers Tell Retailers How They Feel via Video Research

Consumer Video Research

An inside look into what customers love and loathe could mean the difference between record sales or bankruptcy.

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Independent Bookstores Making Profit Beyond the Bookshelves


With a sluggish economy and the Green movement pitted against bookstores, a new innovative business model needed to be put into place.

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Independent Retailers and Mom Sharing a Little Prosperity

Mothers Day Shopping

Mother’s Day is prosperous for both moms and merchants, as independent retailers see an influx in holiday shopping.

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Independent Retailers Keep Customers with Culture and Cards

Loyal Customer Shopping

Constant focus on new customers may cause you to neglect your already loyal customers.

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Retail Shoppers’ Spending Rose in March, Despite Predictions


Higher gas prices and cooler temperatures failed to dissuade shoppers from hitting the stores last month, much to retailers’ delight.

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2010 Spending Trends


The NPD Group has taken a look back at 2010, identifying some key areas where retail growth exploded after two years’ worth of dormancy. The company’s research provides some promising growth opportunities for 2011. Apparel: After having declined just over five percent in 2009, the U.S. apparel market returned to positive territory with an almost […]

As Household Budgets Tighten, Gas Prices Steering Shoppers To Dollar Stores


Wary of going back into debt, shoppers are seeking out small, independent retailers where they perceive they’ll get more for their money.

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