Report: Retail Buyers Still Nervous

Consumers spent only slight more this August than last, reflecting fears that the hoped-for economic recovery might still be a ways off, the AP reports. Citing the latest MasterCard Spending Pulse survey, the numbers confirm what many retailers had been talking about: back-to-school spending was off, and might be a portent of a slack holiday […]

Consumer Confidence Rises Slightly


The Conference Board says consumers’ confidence in the economy was up slightly in August, a good sign for struggling retailers.

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Dollar General Posts Profit

Dollar General Corp posted a higher-than-expected quarterly profits today as it attracted bargain-seeking consumers who spent more per visit, and the discount retailer raised its profit outlook, Reuters reports. The retailer said it saw the number of shoppers and average transaction amounts rise during the second quarter, which included July, when consumer sentiment hit a […]

Ongoing Discounts Taking a Toll on Retailers

A slight boost in consumer buying late last winter caused some retailers to increase inventory, but the gradual slowing of the economy — again— may impact the expected recovery. As such, “incremental increases in retailer inventories … are certainly going to hurt as they struggle to clear merchandise from what’s been a slow summer,” Ken […]

Paradigm Shift: Shoppers Waiting ‘Til Payday


Retailers seeing an ebb and flow of business have noticed something: Purchases rise around paydays. Is this a new trend?

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Some Good News: Back-to-School Shopping Lists Getting Longer


Beleaguered school districts are asking parents to send their kids to school with garbage bags, plastic cutlery and even toilet paper.

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Bullish Retail Segments

A number of retail segments are reporting some notable bright spots this year, according to research reported by NPD Group, a market analysis firm. Fashion and big appliances were the real winners, with dollar sales up 16 to 17 percent. Here’s a survey of the latest results: Fashion Accessories: The entire category was up 17 […]

Spending For Mom, Not Dad

A recent research study suggests that although retail spending in general is on the rise, Dad may well get shortchanged this Father’s Day. The good news, according to eBillme’s recently released Online Spending Index, is that online retail spending will be up seven percent in the second quarter of 2010, compared with first quarter spending. […]

Major Retail Trends

CONSUMERS ARE focused on saving, not shopping. This trend will be compounded by the fact that unemployment will remain unusually high in 2010.

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Looking for Low Prices?


While the current downturn has certainly changed the economic landscape, it may also have fundamentally altered the behavior of many U.S. consumers, according to a new McKinsey Research study.

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