Custom Gold Chains Yield Huge Profits

Inch of Gold Inc.

Inch of Gold Inc. is a wholesale supplier of fashion jewelry chains that retailers sell by the inch, and has been specializing in this model for more than 30 years. Inch of Gold’s fashion chains include 18k gold layered chains, sterling silver layered chains, crystal chains containing genuine Austrian crystals, and stainless steel chains.

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Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel

Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel

The Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel from BluDahlia treats acne, eczema, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. It gently exfoliates the face and décolletage, leaving skin radiant and velvety soft. Made in the USA, the peel is different than other skincare products because it is a pH neutral protein peel that does not contain acid

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New Personal Massager from IQ Technologies


The newest version of the IQ Electric Massager, now available from IQ Technologies Inc., is loaded with the latest features in mini massagers. IQ Technologies is a distributor of mini electric massagers that improve circulation and provide temporary relief from minor aches and pains associated with sore muscles, stress and tension. “The IQ Massager is […]

U.S. Cellular Launches Contest Celebrating Small Businesses


U.S. Cellular recognizes that small businesses represent a majority of America’s workforce and play a key role in driving the U.S. economy. To celebrate and show its commitment to helping small businesses succeed, U.S. Cellular just launched the Spotlight on America’s Backbone contest. As part of the contest, one small business owner within U.S. Cellular’s […]

Nail Candy is a Yummy Treat


Nail Candy, nail polish in a pen, provides salon quality features that enable users of all ages to create artistic, colorful nail art. The product is a combination of salon quality nail polish, a brush and a unique patented micro-tip. “Before this product, you needed expensive and intricate tools, such as fine paint brushes, craft […]

Swypers Go Beyond Bumper Stickers


Swypers, interchangeable signs that attach to a vehicle’s rear wiper blade, are for the driving enthusiast who wants to use his or her car to promote a team or candidate, or display a silly saying, but who doesn’t want to damage the car’s finish. Swypers also may be for retailers looking for a made in […]

LCD eWriters are Eco-Friendly


Improv Electronics has introduced two new Boogie Board LCD eWriter models, the Boogie Board Jot 4.5 LCD eWriter and the Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter. Boogie Board LCD eWriters are eco-friendly, electronic writers that utilize Reflex® No Power LCD technology and enable consumers to join the paperless revolution. Boogie Board LCD eWriters are made […]

Kids Brush for a Song


On average, people brush their teeth for 45 to 75 seconds, far below the recommended two minutes. Anish Patel, CEO of Brush Buddies, set out to change that with the creation of a line of toothbrushes that aims to make brushing fun. In addition to the company’s standard, talking and poppin’ toothbrushes, using cute animals […]

Handy Tool Stores in a Wallet


When it comes to the Pocket Monkey, a credit card size tool that provides the functionality of a pocketknife, necessity truly was the mother of invention. Nate Barr, a mechanical engineer, created the innovative device after he locked himself out of his apartment one too many times. “I lived in the North end of Boston,” […]

Mit’s A Hit


The Hit Mit is a double-sided lightweight foam paddle that fits like a glove, making it easy for anyone to play a type of tennis virtually anywhere. Fredi Brodmann, product designer and owner of the Hit Mit, fashioned the product after his patented Brodmann Blades wooden table tennis paddles. With both Brodmann Blades and the […]