Customer Loyalty Deserves Creativity in Rewards and Recognition

Repeat Customer

An original reward and recognition system keeps customers out of the big box retail stores and behind your checkout counter.

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Mobile Rewards for Loyalty

For those independent retailers with a growing customer base, recognition and rewards are crucial; this is where a customer loyalty or gift card program can help out. Michael Rochester, an affiliate with Dynamic Merchants, a merchant processing company, expresses the necessity of gift and loyalty card services associated with customer loyalty programs, emphasizing, “Gift and […]

Mobile Commerce Made Simple with Paycloud

Paycloud Software

With Paycloud Mobile Wallet retailers will be given the opportunity to embrace m-commerce through their loyalty and gift card programs.

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Value Of Older Workers

Age discrimination may sound like smart economics, as older workers 55 and up tend to cost employers more than younger workers in the following ways: 1) Receive benefits from seniority or accumulated merit raises. 2) Receive healthcare at higher costs. However, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibits employers from discriminating against employees in […]

Competing with Chain Store Gas Reward Programs

Gas Rewards

It’s time to fire up your rewards program, as competing chain stores are integrating their loyalty programs with Gas Rewards.

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Building Customer Loyalty

For retailers looking to keep repeat customers and benefit from repeat sales, the cliché motto, “The customer is always right,” holds validity. Why is the customer always right? Simply, the customer knows what they want, what quality they expect, what price they plan on paying, and how they expect to be treated, wooed and wowed […]

Creating Customer Loyalty

A popular saying in the marketing world is that it costs 10 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Despite that, it seems the majority of marketing campaigns are centered on reaching prospects and converting them into paying customers, rather than maintaining relationships with existing brand […]

Loyalty Cards Go High-Tech

Retailers who issue loyalty cards to bring customers back again and again are getting some high-tech help in the form of smartphone applications, the New York Times reports. Two companies, Cardstar and Key Ring, are rolling out apps where customers only need to tap a key or two to have coupons delivered to their phones. […]

Finding: For Shoppers, Price Tops Brand Loyalty in 2010

shopper survey

A new survey just released by indicates that consumers are still shopping more by price than brands this year.

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Shoppers Like Rewards


Looking to squeeze every available benefit from every purchase, shoppers are turning more than ever to loyalty programs to stretch their budgets.

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