5 Bad Biz Habits

In retail, habits good or bad make your store what it is. The key is controlling them. If you recognize what behaviors need to be changed, then even a small effort can create big changes.

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HalMark Systems

HalMark Systems

HalMark Systems has been a leading supplier of price marking guns, label makers and associated accessories for 28 years.

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How-To Optimize the Shopping Cart Experience

Optimize shopping cart experience

Improve your ecommerce site’s checkout process and decrease the number of customer exits.

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Closing Communication Gaps

Among those of us who serve and cater to customers, it seems a basic universal truth that we want to maintain steady and loyal relationships in order to drive more sales. This fact also drives fairly consistent confusion as to what to do and how to do it. The question, “What?” usually results in a […]

Body Language Solutions

Being aware of customer needs and expectations plays a large role in the acquisition of desirable results, such as a sale. No detail in evaluating your customer service should go unexamined, including body language. Owning a brick and mortar store involves plenty of one on one interaction. Whether your customers are coming in to browse, […]

Loyalty Sells

To keep repeat customers you must consider recognition. For instance, keep track of the types of purchases your loyal buyers make, and on their next visit offer them the same or similar product at a special “Repeat Customer” discount. Or you can put into place the increasingly popular Customer Loyalty Program, giving your repeat customers […]

Customer Satisfaction Retail Priority

strategic initiatives

Sixty-seven percent of retail execs rank customer satisfaction as the top strategic initiative for 2012.

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Top Topics and Trends Discussed at Retail’s BIG Show

New Shopping Trends

Retail’s BIG Show floor is buzzing with more than 400 exhibitors about topics and trends changing the industry.

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Recognizing and Preventing Hidden Loss

Business Strategy

While not classified as shrink, hidden losses are just as detrimental to the retailer’s bottom line as theft.

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Connecting to Sell

Although the holiday planning phase has moved well into the holiday selling phase, retailers are still looking for different ways to reach consumers and drive last minute sales. While store owners typically look to appeal to traditional holiday emotions such as family, community and giving, Motista, a marketing survey organization, has released data from an […]