Retailers Miss Sales Opps

A recent study from NY based ICC/Decision Services shows that while retail associates are focusing on their customers, they’re not taking the extra steps needed to close or add to a sale. ICC/Decision Services, which designs and executes customer experience management programs, visited more than 50 retailers across the categories of apparel, department store, electronics, […]

Video Closures Help Retailers

Word of the Chapter 11 filing of video giant, Blockbuster, does not necessarily mean a death knell for all video stores. According to the Christian Science Monitor, small, independent retail stores are surviving nicely by catering to their customers’ needs and filling a specific niche in a specialized market. “Blockbuster employees literally laughed in our […]

Retailers Starting To Embrace Social Media


A new report reinforces what many savvy retailers already know: social media works as a way of reaching customers. Now you have to implement it. [Read more]

Is Your Store “Customer Friendly”?

An analysis from Retail Customer has taken a close look at how customers perceive retail outlets, and the findings are surprising. In the study, it’s noted that something as simple as an end-cap with corners can trigger an ancient avoidance-response system within people, whose brain sees sharp corners as a danger, and turn away. […]

10 Management Tips

Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco, Britain’s largest supermarket chain, offered ten management lessons, recently at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Annual Conference in New York. They are: Find the truth. Don’t just rely on research or past experience. Find out where your company stands now by talking directly to the customer. They will be […]

Personal Service Sparks Sales


Service trumps price, even in tough times, say many retail experts. Independent retailers often have an edge in delivering personal service. [Read more]

Valuing Customer Retention

When asked which measurement of customer data was the most valuable, the largest group of retailers, 86 percent, cited customer retention in a recent survey. [Read more]