Adding Digital to Gifting

Gift cards continue to be a popular item for consumers. In 2009, Javelin Strategy & Research reported that 61 percent of U.S. consumers used gift or prepaid cards for purchases, and that number is only expected to grow. As more families connect via digital means such as email and social networks, the traditional plastic card, […]

Michelle and Scott’s Proud to Service Independent Retailers

Costume Jewelry

Michelle and Scott’s targets indies, supplying products that make money, and compete with big box stores.

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Unbiased Evaluations Are Crucial in Measuring Your Customer Service

Customer Service

A mystery shopper may help independent retailers better evaluate their customer service, without an a biased outcome.

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Competing with Chain Store Gas Reward Programs

Gas Rewards

It’s time to fire up your rewards program, as competing chain stores are integrating their loyalty programs with Gas Rewards.

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Building Customer Loyalty

For retailers looking to keep repeat customers and benefit from repeat sales, the cliché motto, “The customer is always right,” holds validity. Why is the customer always right? Simply, the customer knows what they want, what quality they expect, what price they plan on paying, and how they expect to be treated, wooed and wowed […]

Wholesalers Redesign Online

Giving Customers What They Want in Product and Presentation

Internet based businesses should follow some general rules in design and presentation to create a customer friendly feeling.

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Social Media Next Logical Marketing Arena For Retailers

One of the big shifts in shopping last year was the emergence of social ecommerce, as brands and retailers found that social networks aren’t just a means to extend their visibility, but also a way to pull in more revenue. The infrastructure of the Internet now enables the sharing of information among networks at a […]

Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing has great potential to increase a retailer’s return on equity. How could this be? Well, cell phones provide a cost effective marketing and customer service solution, and when used well, mobile marketing can generate quality leads, disseminate important information instantaneously, and improve customer confidence in a retail store. With about 80 percent of […]

JC Sales Gets Personal

JC Sales

Independent retailers who like to see what they’re buying have a friend with the folks at Los Angeles based, JC Sales. While buying on the web is an option, retailers can also walk into the company’s showroom, select exactly what they want in the quantities they need, and come back three hours later to pickup […]

Personal Touch Discounts

Although in-store retail spending jumped significantly this past holiday season over last year, rising a healthy 5.5 percent according to MasterCard, that number was overshadowed by a 15.4 percent increase in online spending. It was the first time that online spending accounted for more than 10 percent of all gift purchases. Even before the holidays, […]