Merchandising Liquidation Products

Merchandising Liquidation Products

Liquidation products can be more challenging to merchandise than brand-new, factory packaged goods, but they can also be highly profitable. Great merchandising of liquidation products can make the difference between a successful discount store and one that struggles to turn a profit. [Read more]

Higher Price Points Gaining Ground

Higher Price Points Gaining Ground

Dollar stores have always attracted a price conscious customer, but now a growing trend seems to be emerging. Many retailers in this segment are adding higher price points of $1 to $3, and as high as $5 for multiple sales. [Read more]

Promotions & Opening Price-Points are Key to Success

Ken Soens

Retailers need to look for ways to increase sales and margins, and one good option is opening price-point merchandise. Opening price-point merchandise in a general merchandise/variety store fills a void between in-line programs and promotional merchandise, without jeopardizing sales. [Read more]

America’s Top 100 Retailers

Image top 100 retailers

The annual ranking of U.S. retailers by domestic sales was featured in the July issue of NRF STORES magazine. [Read more]

Regent’s Value Lines

Regent Products Corp., typically known for direct imports, domestic general merchandise and dollar store items, has seen increasing interest in its name brand closeouts over the past year. Carrying products that range from automotive to baby and everything in between, sales manager, Ken Soens, says pets and plastics have been among some of the best […]

Dollar Stores on Roll

A 2011 survey, conducted by America’s Research Group, reveals that Americans plan to stretch their dollars by shopping at discount chains, rather than at pricier department stores and specialty chains, with 753 out of 1,000 survey participants picking discounters as potential shopping destinations. Britt Beemer, president of America’s Research Group, notes that even low price […]

Dollar Stores Prove to Be a High Growth Retail Sector

Dollar Store Retail

Dollar stores have been posting some of the highest growth rates across retailing in recent years. [Read more]

350 Walmart Express Stores to Solve Falling Sales

Empty Shopping Cart

For those independent retailers that have gained new business from Walmart’s recent economic struggle, 350 Walmart express stores pose a threat. [Read more]

As Household Budgets Tighten, Gas Prices Steering Shoppers To Dollar Stores


Wary of going back into debt, shoppers are seeking out small, independent retailers where they perceive they’ll get more for their money. [Read more]

Dollar General Leads the Way as Dollar Stores Thrive in Current Economy


Report says consumers have been watching their money closely, and small retailers and dollar stores have benefited from their caution. [Read more]