Mobile Buyers Changing the Web: How Your Business Can Adapt

Mobile World

More than 60 percent of U.S. citizens own smartphones. [Read more]

Ten Best and Worst “Dressed” Retail Sites

Retail Websites

2014 was a year of ups and downs for ecommerce, with a general trend towards improving the customer experience, making websites more agile, and making content more available for consumption. [Read more]

Sunglass Buying for Spring Profits


The Plano sunglass market is a huge and growing market, according to figures compiled by Grand View Research. [Read more]

One System, One Solution, SimOne


Gone are the days when an eTailer must review, license, learn, maintain, upgrade and log into multiple systems to be able to accomplish all the tasks necessary to manage the business. [Read more]

Open Source vs. Hosted Shopping Cart Solutions

Shopping Cart Solutions

Owners of ecommerce businesses have many options when it comes to choosing a platform for selling their products. Options include hosted solutions, open-source and custom solutions. [Read more]

How to Use Gifting to Drive E-Commerce Business and Customer Acquisition

Gifting to Drive E-Commerce Business

Winning and retaining customers is the cornerstone of success in the hyper-competitive and rapidly evolving world of e-commerce. It’s also the most expensive and challenging aspect. [Read more]

How Small Businesses Can Easily Use Innovations in Ecommerce to Grow

Mobile e-commerce

With increasing competition from online stores and the opportunity to participate in the projected $1 trillion online ecommerce market, it is vital for owners of traditional brick-and-mortar stores to expand their digital reach. Small businesses that ignore this trend will quickly lose market share to bigger competitors. [Read more]

Shoppers Prefer Gift Cards

More than Two Thirds of Shoppers Will Buy Gift Cards This Season

There is a lot of talk these days about switching to virtual, digital and mobile payments. We hear every day about how soon we’ll be paying for holiday shopping sprees with our phones instead of our wallets and plastic gift cards. However, you probably didn’t know that the vast majority of Americans still prefer physical gift cards to electronic ones. [Read more]

Words That Make And Lose Money on Your Ecommerce Site


Crafting a marketing strategy that works to generate sales is not an easy feat. However, it can become easier when taking into consideration some tried and true psychological factors that have been proven to persuade consumers to take action. One of those psychological factors is the power of words. [Read more]

Marketplaces To Make You Money

Marketplaces To Make You Money

It’s an exciting time to be an online retailer, especially because new third-party marketplaces are cropping up regularly in the evolving e-commerce landscape. The global success of Amazon and eBay has led to an explosion of marketplaces from newer players that provide retailers with opportunities to grow their online sales, both domestically and internationally. While the addition of marketplaces provides more revenue opportunities, it can be a challenge for retailers to determine which options make the most sense for their products. [Read more]