Wholesale Central and Pinnacle Cart Forge Partnership


Selling wholesale merchandise on the Internet is easier than ever before.

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Web Sales Top Charts

Web Retail Sales

The Internet is a powerful resource for browsing and purchasing, and ecommerce merchants continue to generate the most sales.

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Web Presence a Priority

While a retailer’s ultimate goal is to sell, other strategic initiatives need to be met in order to attain the best profitability. For instance, “Though customers have always been a company’s top priority, customer satisfaction will get a huge facelift this year,” says NRF president and CEO, Matthew Shay, after seeing the results of, “Retail […]

New Security Challenges

As new technologies evolve in the retail marketplace, retailers and consumers alike must adjust to new ideas and opportunities that have the potential to change the way we do business. On the horizon, many retailers are preparing for the advent of new payment options. Mobile payments are evolving rapidly, and in the coming years are […]

Customer Satisfaction Retail Priority

strategic initiatives

Sixty-seven percent of retail execs rank customer satisfaction as the top strategic initiative for 2012.

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Handling Holiday Excess

Let’s face it: every retail business needs to deal with surplus assets, whether it is excess inventory or customer returns.

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Offline and Online Service

As brick and mortar retailers join the online community in an effort to reach more customers, many are at a loss for the appropriate marketing and customer service strategies for their virtual store. Used to face-to-face interaction in which a smile and a greeting could make a sale, traditional brick and mortar retailers are now […]

Web Wisdom: Competing in a Shifting Web Landscape Part Two

Web Search

Sampling shows again and again that more than half of web space users go to great pains to list keyword metatags.

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Winning Worth the Payout for Amazon

Online Tax Collection

With a referendum scheduled for June 2012 to overturn the new Internet sales tax law, Amazon has already spent $5.25 million in campaigning.

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OMguru’s Online Marketing Strategy


Online marketing without a strategy is usually ineffective. This is where a full service online marketing company such as OMguru can help.

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