Federal Judge Blocks Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule

Dena Sokolow

Earlier this year, the Obama administration and Department of Labor passed a groundbreaking update to the national overtime rule. The new regulation, scheduled to take effect on December 1st would raise the salary threshold for overtime pay from $23,660 to $47,476. In other words, all employees, with a few exceptions, who are salaried under $47,476 […]

It’s All About Local: Hometown Success

The Toy Shop

Stroll through the charming New England village of Bethel, CT and you’ll very soon catch sight of the cheery store windows arranged by Kim Ramsey, owner of The Toy Room, an independent retailer offering toys and games for infants, girls and boys. [Read more]

2016 Business Leaders Forecast

2016 Business Leaders Forecast

The new year dawns, and with it comes a blizzard of emails and web site headlines shouting all sorts of promises and possibilities, all of which can leave one wondering which of them to trust. [Read more]

How to Effectively Deal with Seasonality


Throughout the year, any business will usually experience peaks and troughs due to factors out of its control. [Read more]

Made in the USA: Strengthening American Business

Made in the USA

Made in America is making a comeback in the retail industry in spite of the aftermath of the country’s recession. [Read more]

Trending Products Made in the USA

Made in the USA

In a recent study conducted by Consumer Reports, more than 60 percent of people interviewed claimed they would gladly shell out more money for American made products—even if those products cost an average of 10 percent more than products sourced internationally. [Read more]

Independent Retailer’s 2015 Retail Outlook

Independent Retailer's 2015 Retail Outlook

As 2015 unfurls before us, Independent Retailer is excited to offer you a comprehensive review of the industry outlook for the year. [Read more]

Getting it Right: Kiosk and Cart Retailing

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To sum kiosk and cart success up in a word, it would be “focus.” While it seems like having easy access to foot traffic would be a huge advantage, running a successful kiosk is a discipline that begins long before the first product is offered for sale. Kiosk owners who are focused in their design, marketing, and product selection stand the best chance of success. Those who are relaxed, thinking that just being in a busy mall environment and offering a bunch of loosely connected “popular” products will guarantee sales, risk failure. [Read more]

Convenience: A Look at the C-Store Market

Convenience: A Look at the C-Store Market

As competition in retail intensifies, the future of the convenience store bottom line is coming into focus: food. Experts and industry advocates say that after decades of selling packaged foods, candy, and maybe the occasional roller hot dog or nacho tray, convenience stores are rapidly breaking new ground in the food service business. They are adding deli counters, salad bars, and even haute cuisine. [Read more]

Shifting Behaviors in Back to School Shopping

Shifting Behaviors in Back to School Shopping

Retailers are in full back-to-school mode, and with good reason. More than 50 million students will be going back to school this year, and many will need school supplies, clothes and other items that will be purchased during the summer shopping season. This typically runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, making it the second busiest shopping event of the year. [Read more]