Reach Further with a Wholesale Selfie Stick

Selfie Sticks

Selfie Sticks, which have been a global phenomenon, have begun to win over American consumers, largely due to the success of [Read more]

Wilcor Feeds Customer Profits


There’s nothing like direct customer feedback to see what’s working, and Wilcor was happy to get plenty of positive response to its new products at the recent IGES/SSS gift and souvenir show in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. [Read more]

LoveHandle Grabs Sales

Love Handle

Mike Watts, general manager of DMD Products, distributor of the LoveHandle phone grip, has an expansive view of the potential customer base: “It’s pretty much everybody aged 7 to 70, because we all have smartphones now.” [Read more]

The Sonic Pod Amplifies Everything

Sonic Pod

Vibration speakers are small speakers that are designed to stick to surfaces and then use those surfaces as amplifiers to create a much bigger sound than seems possible from a tiny unit, according to Josh Eastman, owner of New Age Discoveries, which distributes the Sonic Pod. [Read more]

Recoil Winder Blasts Off

Recoil Winders

The resulting Recoil cord winder is a simple idea. It consists of a spring-loaded winder that instantly organizes cords on a spool, then makes it easy to pull the cord back out to use it. [Read more]

Hands-Free Mobile Viewing With Smart Cradle

Hands-Free With Smart Cradle

Sometimes it pays to be a couch potato. At least that is true for Irvine Scales, owner of Fit Marketing, LLC. Through Fit Marketing, Scales is poised to launch Smart Cradle in the United States. The product is a novelty item that makes it easy to watch and use a smart phone or tablet while lying down in bed or on a couch. [Read more]

GNS Electronics Moves Into Consumer Electronics

GNS Electronics Moves Into Consumer Electronics

If you’re looking for electronics, especially security systems or consumer electronics, GNS Electronics has you covered. The company got its start manufacturing and selling home security systems, but according to sales manager Jason Deng, GNS has recently moved into consumer electronics. [Read more]

Customizable 24/7 Skins

Customizable 24/7 Skins

24/7 Skins makes customization possible with a line of skins and wraps for popular consumer electronics and products. The line covers smart phones such as iPhones and Androids, vaporizers, personal computers and tablets, video game consoles, and DJ consoles and personal stereos. [Read more]

Cell Accessories Spark Sales

Cell Accessories Spark Sales

After-market cell phone accessories are an expansive and growing industry, with projected sales of more than $50 billion by 2015. The number of active cell phones will reportedly reach 7.3 billion this year, and the average mobile phone owner in the U.S. spends roughly $60 on accessories over the life of one phone. [Read more]

Personal Vaporizers Replacing Traditional E-Cigarettes

Personal Vaporizers Replacing Traditional E-Cigarettes

Vaping is on the rise, and many people are replacing traditional electronic cigarettes with personal vaporizers, a more advanced electronic cigarette. Inquiries with product suppliers by convenience store owners and distributors, and the general buzz at trade shows as early as September of 2013, indicate that traditional e-cigarettes are losing ground in the alternative smoking industry. [Read more]