Trends for All at Parker Trade Shows

Parker trade show

Parker Trade Shows is preparing the final touches for what is slated to be their biggest show yet. [Read more]

USA Michigan Wholesale

USA Michigan Wholesale

As the name implies, USA Michigan Wholesale is an apparel and general merchandise supplier based out of Wisconsin, Michigan. [Read more]

Hot Deals Sizzle at OFFPRICE 2016

woman picking out clothing

Fashion buyers from around the world will flock to Las Vegas for the upcoming OFFPRICE show, produced by Tarsus Group, to stock up on apparel and accessories for the Fall and Winter seasons. [Read more]

IGES Vendor Spotlight

Worldwide Sportswear

More than exclusively a gift show, IGES® is a valuable resource for apparel retailers nationwide. The following are some top apparel and accessory suppliers to watch out for this season: [Read more]

AR New York: Handbags for Any Occasion

fashionable handbag

“Our friendly staff and fashion forward bags,” are what set AR New York Handbags apart from the crowd, according to Pheng Taing, manager. “Instead of bringing mostly discounted and last season products, you can find the newest handbags. [Read more]

Nothing Cozier Than Fall 2014 Fashion

Nothing Cozier Than Fall 2014 Fashion

Expect to be warm this winter. The bigger the shape and the bigger the knit, the more on trend and more comfortable fashion is looking for fall 2014. Polar vortex or not, the season’s trends are full of easy-to-wear pieces that produce a warm and cozy look into the coming months. [Read more]

The Incredible Sunvisor: Almost 7 Million Sold

The Incredible Sunvisor

Bruce Palmer can remember the exact moment when he knew he had a winning product with his unique sunvisors. “It was 1997, and I had just introduced my sunvisors at a street fair,” Palmer remembers. “The thing that grabbed me was when I looked up and had women five-deep in front of my tent, actually elbowing each other to get to the last few that were left. I had a regular job at the time, but I quit it and jumped into sunvisors with both feet.” [Read more]

Fall Jewelry & Fashion Trends

Fall Jewelry & Fashion Trends

As we look forward to the Fall/ Winter shopping season, independent retailers are getting ready to update their inventories with the latest trends in jewelry and fashion accessories. Many retailers are wondering what the new hot trends will be, and it is impossible to choose just one single trend in jewelry and accessories. [Read more]

That’s Perfect Hair Wraps

That's Perfect Hair Wraps

That’s Perfect hair wraps have a slogan for almost every occasion, including, “So Easy A Daddy Can Do It,” and, “Look Like A Braid, Wear Like A Barrette.” CEO, Ron Alsup, says they are the perfect hair wrap. That’s Perfect introduced its line of reusable hair wraps in various sizes and colors in 2007. [Read more]

2014 Fashion Trend: Statement Necklaces

2014 Fashion Trend: Statement Necklaces

On top of the fashion food chain this year are bright, chunky statement necklaces. If you don’t believe it, walk into any store at the mall and take a look around. It is guaranteed you will see at least one section overflowing with these vibrant necklaces. [Read more]