A Strategic Financing Plan for Meeting Holiday Demand

Strategic Financing

When you earn the lion’s share of your profits during the holiday season, there are two big questions small retailers should be asking themselves: Did I adequately prepare for my holiday business? What can I do if holiday sales are bigger than I expected? [Read more]

Hot Tips for Financing Your Business Year-Round

Business Finance

Creating a financial plan for your business is an essential step in preparing for a successful year. [Read more]

Bracing for the Holiday Season: Three Tips for Financing your Business

Financing Your Business

The National Retail Federation predicts that sales in November and December of 2015 will total around $630.5 billion. [Read more]

5 Ways to Prepare for the Unexpected as a Small Business Owner

Paul Cho

As a small business owner it’s important to understand the potential risks facing you on a short and long term basis in order to accurately plan for the future. [Read more]

Three Reasons to Consider the Alternate When Looking for a Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

Type “small merchant financing” into any search window and the options come at you as fast as your browser can open pop-up windows. [Read more]

The Best Social Media Channels For Your Store

Social Media

In today’s competitive retail environment, there is no time to waste on marketing that won’t help raise awareness, increase sales and grow your business. [Read more]

Is a Merchant Loan Right for Your Business?

Merchant Loans

Many independent retailers have capital needs that come in various forms. [Read more]

Retailer Insurance: Is it Really Relevant?

Retailer Insurance

Running a business inherently comes with a number of risks, and it is for this reason that most retailers protect their businesses from the threat of accidents and incidents with business insurance. [Read more]

SnapRetail Provides Free Webinar and Resources to Help Retailers Prepare for Small Business Saturday

SnapRetail Marketing Solution Saves You Time

SnapRetail, the leader in marketing automation for small retailers and merchants, will help maximize the success of independent store owners this Small Business Saturday by offering a free webinar and other resources. [Read more]

Innovative Credit Platform for Small Businesses

Innovative Credit Platform for Small Businesses

Kabbage is an automated financial services platform that quickly supplies working capital to small and mid-size businesses. On average, from the time merchants land on Kabbage’s website until they have cash in their accounts, it takes seven minutes. [Read more]