Light Up Sales with Flashing Rings from Flashing Panda


Flashing Panda wholesales an extensive line of light up LED novelties, including clear barware and ice cubes, party favors and toys, key chain flashlights, party jewelry and more. The company recently expanded its light up raver ring selection with several of the most popular new styles, including finger beams, three styles of flashing jelly rings, […]

Flashing Panda’s Safety Stick

image flashing panda safety stick

New LED Glow Safety Light Stick takes an old standby product and combines it with a few other gizmos that come in handy in the wilderness.

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Flashing Panda LED Products

Flashing Panda LED Products new barware

Flashing Panda’s extensive line of light-up barware includes shot, whiskey, cola, beer glasses and more.

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Light Up Mohawk Headwear


“We specialize in LED light up consumer novelty items,” says Daniel Odulo, founder of Flashing Panda, a wholesaler that promises on the company website to provide, ‘Stuff That Lights Up!’ “Our line consists of three main departments: lighting items such as key chains, flashlights and bulbs; party favors and light up toys; and flashing wearables, […]

Flashing Panda’s Stuff That Lights Up

Flashing Panda light up novelties are hot sellers!

Brightly flashing light-up products make great impulse buys at any independent retailer checkout counter.

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Flashing Panda Lights Up

Flashing Panda

Whenever you have a display of items that light up near your checkout, customers can’t help but pick one up and turn it on, and the sale practically makes itself. That’s one reason why the full product line from Flashing Panda is so successful. “We specialize in LED light-up consumer novelty items,” says Daniel Odulo, […]

Glittering Drinks


FLASHING PANDA offers a line of a dozen different sizes and styles of clear barware that light up in color. Known for a large selection of light up novelties, the company also wholesales light up ice cubes and drink stirrers.

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