Made In New England

NE show

Say the words ‘New England’ and your mind immediately conjures up images of quaint small towns, beautiful foliage, and fabulous regional products like maple syrup. For retailers interested in offering the unique and popular items made in this gorgeous part of the country, The New England Made Giftware & Specialty Food Show is for you. [Read more]

How to Rally Your Community Behind Your Business

community behind business

As most retailers know, becoming an integral part of your local community is incredibly important for your success. Working with other local businesses creates trust, inspires collaboration, and makes people that much more willing to support what you have to offer. [Read more]

FoodMarketplace: Connecting Food Retailers to Communities

food shopping

Local bakeries, butchers, and convenience stores play a vital role in the lives of thousands of residents and, in most neighborhoods, provide the essential element of community that big box companies simply cannot replicate. FoodMarketplace is an online platform created to help empower local food stores to connect and communicate with consumers online quickly and efficiently. [Read more]

You Can Hide It

You Can Hide It

When was the last time you went to a concert or event and was happy to pay the $10 or $15 premium for a beverage or mixed drink? If your answer was “never,” then You Can Hide It, Inc., has the perfect product for you and your customers. [Read more]

Balls of Steel: Whiskey & Wine Chillers With a Cause

OriginalBOS Drink Chillers

OriginalBOS wants to put its balls in your beverages, because what better way to chill whiskey and wine than with specially designed stainless steel balls with a patented Arctic core? [Read more]

Grow Your Own With Magic Plant

Grow Your Own With Magic Plant

There are green thumbs, and then there are people who just want to be able to grow something, anything! Magic Plant’s growing kits are for these folks. Just open and water the seeds, which are already pre-planted in a special mineral soil, and watch them grow. [Read more]

North Woods Animal Treats: Wholesome and Fun

North Woods Animal Treats: Wholesome and Fun

When Jean McCarthy started her company, North Woods Animal Treats, in 1996, her mission was clear: to provide the best possible, all-natural products that enhance the lives of both pets and their owners. She also wanted to make the experience positive and fun. [Read more]

Cupsy Makes Sofa Spills a Thing of the Past

Cupsy Makes Sofa Spills a Thing of the Past

Cupsy is one of those brilliant ideas that makes people say: “I should have thought of that!” This portable cup holder can be used on the couch, in bed, even in the pool. It resembles a car cup holder, but with one big difference—the material, the same high quality polypropylene that the military uses in […]

A Fresh Twist on Healthy Snacks From Dakota Valley Products

Dakota Valley

Tim Walter was ahead of his time when he created caffeinated sunflower seeds, Harold’s Sunflower Seeds, back in 2007. “It was so cutting edge at the time, but now there are other energy-infused food products out there,” he says. Now he’s done it again with the brand new Gabby’s Garbanzos. [Read more]

Squire Boone Village


Squire Boone Village has finally solved the “problem with jawbreakers” with a surprisingly simple approach: a lollipop stick. Slobber Jawbbers are the brainchild of company president and CEO Rick Conway, who carried the concept around in his head for years before finally figuring out a way to bring the perfect novelty jawbreaker to market. [Read more]