Rotating MOVA Globe

MOVA Globe

The MOVA Globe is a one of a kind item that’s powered by solar energy and the earth’s magnetism; no batteries or wires are required. When you flip your lights on, it “wakes up” and starts to turn.

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Wild Bill’s Carries a "Wild" Line of Interesting Items


Wild Bill’s Nostalgia Store in Middletown, CT is offering a new Sarah Palin Bobble Head Doll, made for the company by Funko. The doll is seven inches tall, and Funko terms them, “Wacky Wobblers,” because of the way the head bounces around. Funko has featured George Bush and Bill Clinton dolls, among other presidents, in […]

Name in the Frame

Sports frames

Name in the Frame offers a line of personalized prints and other accessible products that are available through the Internet. What the firm offers is access to high quality images, which can then be personalized on the spot by the retailer or kiosk. These Name in the Frame photos are often purchased by women for […]