Books Remain Popular Among Readon’s High Margin, Impact Products

Children's Book

Even in an increasingly digital world, Readon’s book offers continue to be successful high margin, impact products.

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A Digital Side to Gifting for Today’s Consumer

Gift Card

You don’t have to have a digital gift card offering to provide a differentiating gift card experience.

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Made in USA Products in the US Capital

American Made

As the Smithsonian is owned by the American people, and designed to express our history, it should also be selling products made by American workers.

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Misumaru: Gift Packaging Pros in a Growing Gift Industry

Gift Bag Packaging

Misumaru’s gift bags are a perfect solution for those on-the-go consumers, who may have forgotten about that upcoming special event.

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Big Spending on Dad This Father’s Day

Fathers Day Spending

Increase in spending forecasted for the first time in years for Father’s Day, with an average $106.49 to be spent on dad.

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Giving the Gift of Fragrance

Gift Fragrance Collection

Morgan Avery’s gift baskets are well suited for the home décor, home fragrance, health and beauty, and candle markets.

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Fantasy Gifts Has a Full Lineup For Metaphysical & New Age Shops

14mayNP11_rjt-5 copy

With TV shows and films about vampires, witchcraft and fantasy proliferating, a good company to know is Fantasy Gifts of Yonkers, NY. “We’ve been around since 1985, but morphed into concentrating on the fantasy market, which has been an interest of ours for a while,” says Bob Seiden, president of the wholesale company. “We’ve got […]

Independent Retailers and Mom Sharing a Little Prosperity

Mothers Day Shopping

Mother’s Day is prosperous for both moms and merchants, as independent retailers see an influx in holiday shopping.

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Western Sales and Marketing Has 3D Art at Deeply Discounted Prices


Unique art offering has wide appeal and a great markup, making it a high-profit item for any retailer selling gifts or household goods.

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Infidel Hats & Flags


With patriotism running high, it’s a good time to be in the wholesale flag business, according to Andy Fuqua, operations manager at Ruffin Flag Company. “We actually got started about 20 years ago when there was no Internet,” Fuqua says. “Confederate battle flags were rare back then, and we did good business with them, selling […]