Eco-Chic Greeting Cards & Gifts

Eco-Chic Greeting Cards & Gifts

The trend in environmentally friendly goods is carrying over to greeting cards and gifts, and offers independent retailers an exciting opportunity for sales. Innovation and changing attitudes within the design and manufacturing industries means that this market offers greater choices and commercially viable price points.

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Water Powered Fuel Cell Charger

image of water powered fuel cell charger

In January 2013, Americans will have access to PowerTrekk, the world’s first portable fuel cell phone charger that runs on water.

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Personal Oxygen Bar


In recent years, there has been increased awareness of green products and natural healing. People are taking action to save the planet, exploring its natural elements, and understanding their associated benefits. Assisting in the attainment of a more organic lifestyle, O2 Innovations, through its personal oxygen bars, is committed to promoting the power of oxygen […]

Copying Green Initiatives

Many big box retailers and chain stores have made it a habit to invest in Green activities and materials, in an effort to continue their plans for expansion. Yet independent retailers making similar investments will benefit most from their Green initiatives, as money saved will not be going towards store expansion plans, but rather used […]

BYOB Initiatives

It is good news for any retailer when a customer leaves the shop with their hands full of bags and merchandise. But what if there are no bags to be filled? The national movement to go Green has spread, and independent retailers are now investing in eco-friendly displays, paperless receipt options, and ‘bring your own […]

Retailers See Spring Business Boost Coming From St. Patrick’s Day


Americans are planning the Wearin’ o’ the Green in a big way, which will mean more business for party suppliers and apparel stores.

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Indoor Solar Chimes


Everyone knows what a wind chime is and how it works, but what if you wanted one inside your home? The answer can be found at Sunblossom Solar Gifts, a producer of unique and patented giftware utilizing light for it to function. “My business partner and CEO, John Turi, got the idea while on a […]

Go Green & Grow With The BAGGLER

The Baggler

People agree that there are two major product sectors that will experience growth, in a marketplace that has seen general declines in retail sales.

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