Bates Family Farm Natural Goat Milk Products

Bates Family Farm gift set

Bates Family Farm is a family and veteran owned and operated enterprise based out of the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. [Read more]

HiDow International: Therapeutic Pain Relief

Hi-Dow kiosk in mall

With roughly one in three Americans suffering from chronic pain on a daily basis, many people are searching for alternative ways of finding relief instead of just masking symptoms. [Read more]

Help Customers Eliminate Odors

Sweet Feet Spray

When it comes to eliminating odors, one always thinks about buying a product that will cover it up or conceal where the odor is coming from, but not deteriorating the odor completely. [Read more]

Binky Fresh Sanitizes Pacifiers & Bottle Nipples On The Go

Binky Fresh Sanitizes Pacifiers & Bottle Nipples On The Go

How many times have you or someone you know picked a pacifier up off the floor, rinsed it, and simply put it back into the mouth of a crying infant? Research shows binkies are covered in harmful bacteria. [Read more]

Bo-Po Nail Polish

Bo-Po nail polish

Since Worx Toys’ Edutech vehicles have been recognized as one of the most innovative educational toy lines, the firm has diversified its offerings with the revival of a line of brush-on, peel-off nail colors for girls. Bo-Po nail polish, originally marketed by Tinkerbell Play Cosmetics in the 1980s, lets girls easily paint their nails in a wide range of colors. The product is easily peeled off, and allows a quick switch of nail colors. [Read more]

Dragon’s Blood Foam Cleanser

RSVP Men Dragon's Blood Foam Cleanser

RSVP Skin Care has found the secret ingredient to healthy skin: dragon’s blood. Extracted from a rare tree that grows only in the Indian Ocean, RSVP has built a line of exclusive, all organic skin care products around this “fantastic ingredient,” says RSVP President, Jesse Witham. [Read more]

Pure Essential Aromatic Oils

Pure Essential Aromatic Oils

Ancient Essense carries a line of therapeutic essential oils. The company’s chief product is its proprietary blend of frankincense and myrrh, on which five additional scents are based. With gentle and uplifting aromas, Ancient Essense oils can be worn directly on the skin as a perfume, and for meditation and relaxation. [Read more]

HempMedsPX Hemp Oil Products

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Products

Move over, blueberries. HempMedsPX hopes to introduce consumers to a new superfood: hemp oil derived from industrial hemp that is rich in cannabidiols (CBD) and other healthy constituents. [Read more]

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Products

CBD-Rich Hemp Oil Products

HempMedsPX™ brings natural, CBD-rich hemp oil products to market in a variety of popular forms. Products include their signature pure hemp oil dietary supplement, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO), a cold-pressed hemp oil with an abundance of natural cannabidiol (CBD). [Read more]

Shoofly Repels Bugs Naturally

Shoofly Repels Bugs Naturally

Shoofly Spray from Telam Corp. is a new, nontoxic and all natural insect repellant that is safe for humans and animals. Made in the USA, the product is composed of 14 types of vegetation, and does not contain DEET. [Read more]