Med Memory Keeps Health Info Available

Mad Memory

When seconds count, having your medical info nearby can be a life-saver.

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Personal Oxygen Bar


The O2-B Personal Oxygen Bar from O2 Innovations provides the highest amount of oxygen you can receive without a prescription. It delivers all-natural custom blended aromatherapy, made specifically for the unit.

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Illness Costs Employers

Employee absences inflict costs on businesses equal to 8.7 percent of payroll, according to a new study released recently. That’s the combined cost for both unplanned sick days and extended disability absences. On average, an employee takes 5.4 sick days per year. Workers paid by the hour rack up more sick days, on average, than […]

Squeeze Nausea Away

Psi Bands

Psi Health Solutions offers a stylish alternative to drug based treatments for nausea, especially resulting from morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy, and anesthesia. Psi Bands are fashionable, watch like adjustable bands that apply comfortable pressure to a spot two and a half finger widths up from the wearer’s wrist crease. Put on at the first […]

Edible Health Strips

Health Strips

Apple-A-Day Edible Strips are a simple solution to increase daily well being and good health, according to Health Essist, Inc. The Strips are a vitamin, herb and mineral dietary supplement that contain all natural ingredients, including vitamins. They are dissolved on the tongue, one of the most porous organs in the body. This eliminates the […]

Detox Products for Kiosks

Urine Luck

Smokers seeking hard to find employment will flock to tobacco related kiosks that carry Cincinnati based, Spectrum Labs detox products, as more employers test for tobacco usage in pre-employment testing. Spectrum Labs carries a variety of products that ease the way for smokers and other users of tobacco related products to get through prescreening employment […]

Giant Step for Dog Health

Dog Health

Otto Step is offering its Otto Step Dog Safety Step, a portable platform that assists dogs as they get into and out of a sports utility vehicle.

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Business Weary of Health Insurers

A PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute study has found that businesses of all sizes have become dissatisfied with their health insurers. The report titled, “What Employers Want from Health Insurers in 2010,” finds that: Overall satisfaction with health insurers by large employers has decreased to 59 percent, from 64 percent in 2008. Small employers continue to […]

Overdrive Boosts Energy


PLAYTIME CONCEPTS INC. has introduced Over Drive, a dietary supplement designed to burn body fat and increase energy.

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Massage Taps Pain Away


TRF USA has created the, TapTech Back and Shoulder Massage, which is a horseshoe design that wraps around the back of the neck and shoulders and has handles or arms that reach down from the shoulders.

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