National Geographic & Who Ced? Hats

Henschel Manufacturing Co.

Henschel Manufacturing Company, founded in 1947, is a family owned and operated designer and manufacturer of traditional and trendy headwear. The St. Louis, MO based firm carries a vast array of popular styles, and is premiering two exclusive headwear licenses this spring: National Geographic and Who Ced? by Cedric “The Entertainer.” [Read more]

Set Up for Souvenir Success

Set Up for Souvenir Success

People all around the world commemorate vacations and day trips with mementos for themselves, family and friends. As a result, the 30,000 gift, novelty and souvenir stores in the U.S. reportedly earn a combined annual revenue of around $18 billion. Consistent top selling souvenirs include shirts, hats, figurines, refrigerator magnets, notepads and spoons, and retailers must constantly offer new products to attract customers. [Read more]