Slow But Sure Layaway Sales

Carrying Christmas and holiday merchandise won’t be the only requirement for keeping merry customers and ensuring holiday profits this year. It’s true that wholesalers and the retailers they supply have been stocking shelves earlier and earlier each year, chasing the estimated $450 billion in holiday spending. However, since experiencing economic turmoil, increasing gas prices, and […]

NRF Research Says Spending Rise Expected for Valentine’s Day


In yet another sign consumers are ready to spend again, the NRF says lovers and others will spend 11 percent more this year on February 14th.

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Forecast: Valentine’s Day Retail Sales Expected To Rise Sharply Higher Over Last Year


In an encouraging sign for a growing economy, an industry report says shoppers will spend heavily for February 14th.

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Sales at Retailers Up Again as Shoppers Seek Post-Holiday Bargains


High sales activity from Christmas continues as buyers sniff out reduced-price offerings.

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Shoppers Going the Cash Route This Year, Shunning Credit Cards for Christmas Purchases


With the economy still crunching some folks, more consumers are paying cash for gifts and sticking to a budget.

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Forecast: Holiday E-Commerce Spending Set To Jump Over Last Year


Research firm sees consumers as more willing to go online and spend this Christmas season. The question is, are retailers ready?

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Report: Holiday Shoppers Will Be ‘Less Cheap’ This Year


Although consumers are not convinced the worst is over, published reports say many will be giving gifts that people ‘want’ rather than ‘need’

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NRF: Things Looking Up for Holiday Shopping


Consumers will return to the stores this holiday season despite the ongoing gloom & doom. Research finds they’re ready to spend again.

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NRF: Christmas Sales Will Be Up This Year


Good news for retailers: Sales this holiday season are expected to be up a healthy 2.3%.

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Report: Halloween Spending to Rise This Year


Having had enough of feeling down, NRF says Americans will be spending large on spooky holiday this year.

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