Late Back-to-School Shopping Boosted Retail Sales


Shoppers waited until the very end to find the bargains they wanted. Is this a portent of things to come?

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Retailers Urged To Promote Heavily for Holidays


Analysts say holiday sales may be better than expected this year, but only if store owners concentrate on their promotional efforts.

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Holiday Retail Sales Seen Increasing


There might be more holiday cheer than expected as one analysis firm says holiday sales will be up this year over last.

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Good News: More School Shopping Already Done vs. Last Year

A new report from the National Retail Federation shows that the average American family has already completed more of its back to school shopping by now, compared with the same time period last year. According to the NRF, “The average family has completed 43.2 percent of their school shopping, compared to 41.6 percent at this […]


Scented ornaments

One of the downsides of artificial Christmas trees is that they just do not smell like the real thing. But now Environscent has come to the rescue with a variety of ScentSicles, scented ornaments for the Christmas tree, that will bring that artificial tree to life with the real smell of fresh cut pine and […]

More Profits With Pop-Ups

For the independent retailer who wants to grab bigger profits next holiday season, consider a pop-up store! That’s right, a store that pops up virtually out of nowhere, serves customers for a defined period of time, and then disappears. The pop-up is a win win for retailers of all sizes, because they are able to […]