Revolutionizing Liquidation


BULQtm entered the liquidation space in 2015, but it’s far from new to the industry. [Read more]

Bring Your Garden To Life with Art In Motion Balancers

Motion Balance garden ornament

“Red Carpet Studios is a leader in the field of gift and garden décor,” says Stephanie Flannery, National Sales Manager for Red Carpet Studios. [Read more]

Nature’s Greeting Card

The Patent Magic Plant

Plants have always been seen as a quick and thoughtful gift item, something that symbolizes growth and love because it requires care to reach its peak. [Read more]

Plaques Make the Perfect Gift

SJT Enterprises

When searching for the perfect gift, customers look for a few basic traits: price, creativity, quality, and whether that gift can be meaningful for the person they are buying for. [Read more]

Plaques You’ll Love by Poor Boy Woodworks

Poorboy Woodworks

Think your customers have something to say? Poor Boy Woodworks can help. Poor Boy Woodworks specializes in producing wood plaques with a huge variety of sayings. [Read more]

Cupsy Makes Sofa Spills a Thing of the Past

Cupsy Makes Sofa Spills a Thing of the Past

Cupsy is one of those brilliant ideas that makes people say: “I should have thought of that!” This portable cup holder can be used on the couch, in bed, even in the pool. It resembles a car cup holder, but with one big difference—the material, the same high quality polypropylene that the military uses in […]

Zap Cloth Destroys Dirt, Stimulates Sales

Zap Cloth Destroys Dirt, Stimulates Sales

Zap Cloth from Kaywos Inc. is a revolutionary product that leaves any non-porous surface free of dust and grime, including glass, mirrors, floors, counters, stainless steel, TV, computer screens and more. The cloth is an easy sell, because it works with water alone, so users never have to buy polish, glass cleaner or paper towels. [Read more]

Kit-Cat Clocks: American Icon

Kit-Cat Clocks: American Icon

The California Clock Company is one of the few firms that can boast that their products have been made in America since the 1930s. As manufacturer of the Kit-Cat Clock for 82 years, California Clock has built both a great product and an ongoing legacy. [Read more]

Bug-A-Salt: The Original Salt Gun


The Bug-A-Salt works on a very simple, very original idea: it shoots a tiny pinch of ordinary table salt with deadly accuracy at flying insects, killing them instantly. From a distance of two to four feet, the gun shoots a six to eight inch shotgun pattern, making it easy to target flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects on screens, windows, light fixtures or tables. [Read more]

LuvaLamps: Lighting Fixture & Puzzle

LuvaLamps: Lighting Fixture & Puzzle

LuvaLamps are Danish-designed lighting fixtures that also happen to be 3-D puzzles. “It is an interesting combination,” says Jon Scheerz, president of Product Hunters, Inc., which distributes the lamps. “They started back in the ’70s as a holiday decoration in pure white, then over the years added 18 solid colors. [Read more]