Odor-Z-Way removes odor, rather cover it up, for pet, home, auto and sport uses.

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Scented Aroma Beads


The scented products and fragrance market is exploding, and one company reaping the rewards is Scentimental Gifts Etc., of Glen Saint Mary, FL. Company founder Kendra Morgan knew she had a winning formula after she created some scented aroma beads, and then put them away for a year. “I pulled the package out of storage, […]

Luma Lites Ideal for Working in Tight Situations


Bright LED light, an impulse item at a high return, comes with velcro and magnetic back to fit in anywhere.

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Wild Berry Incense


Scented products and incense always enjoy a strong following, but the folks at Wild Berry Incense seem to have an edge over the competition, based on sales reports from the field. “We’ve gotten a good turnover and repeat business for our product, because it smells like what we say it smells like,” says Wild Berry […]

Batter Blaster


They say necessity is the mother of invention, but sometimes aggravation kicks in there, too. That was the case for Sean O’Connor, founder and CEO of Batter Blaster, a company that makes pancake and waffle batter that’s dispensed from a can just like whipped cream. “Actually, that’s what started the whole thing,” he says. “I […]

The Grill Topper

The Grill Topper

Fall means football, and that means tailgate parties. Now an Iowa company is helping college football fans show their true colors right on their grilled meats with, The Grill Topper. Designed to go atop any barbecue grill, the Grill Topper can sear a college football team’s logo right onto steaks, burgers or other large cuts […]

High Profit Water Pearls


Need to keep your plants healthy? Add “water pearls” to keep them well hydrated and ensure long-lasting beauty.

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Bullish Retail Segments

A number of retail segments are reporting some notable bright spots this year, according to research reported by NPD Group, a market analysis firm. Fashion and big appliances were the real winners, with dollar sales up 16 to 17 percent. Here’s a survey of the latest results: Fashion Accessories: The entire category was up 17 […]

Kool Towel

Kool Towel

What’s soft and comes in blue, hot pink or lime green, and when you shake it, it turns 20 degrees cooler than the air temperature? It’s the Kool Towel from Ecotek America LLC, a new product that could attract many different sections of your customer base. This towel can be used by those who are […]

Computer Screen Cleaners

M&M Screen Cleaners

From EB Brands comes the practical but playful M&M’S(r) Chamois Computer Screen Cleaners that bring color, warmth and a note of personal expression to the office, plus TLC to one of the user’s most important office tools. The Computer Screen Cleaners’ blended polyfiber/beanbag filling lets them pose atop the computer monitor or CPU, or sit […]