Growing Revenue

“It’s time to return to growth.” With that simple phrase, Chief Marketing Officer and blogger, Lisa Arthur, neatly sums up what businesses need to do to grow and thrive in the year ahead. In her regular feature, “The Marketing Revolution,” on, Arthur looks at the past year in retail and offers some suggestions on […]

Generating More Cash

With 32 years of retail experience under their belts, authors, Bill Scott and James Hawkins have chronicled a seven year project to link retail stores to headquarters, suppliers and trading partners, using “cloud computing” and the Internet. In their new book, “Turning Convenience Stores into Cash Generating Monsters,” the duo tell how large retailers like […]

Tips For Retail Success

What does it take to open a successful storefront? According to recent surveys and expert advice, it takes a business plan and the right attitude, and some help getting started, such as an incubator program. According to a survey reported on the Small Business Trends website, having a business plan makes a startup twice as […]

10 Startup Tips

Here are 10 tips that the editors of Cover have gathered at recent business meetings for starting a new business: Outline your company’s mission statement, goals and define your corporate culture. Outline your business plan. It is critical to have a detailed business plan for the first 60 days, the first six months and the […]