Parking Pitfalls for Independent Retail Tenants


Do you have enough parking spaces for your customers, you and your staff? It’s a common problem The Lease Coach sees with both new and established businesses. [Read more]

Four Tips for Sourcing Products at Trade Shows

people at trade show

Almost all trade shows list exhibiting vendors on their websites. Depending on the size of the show, you can sort these lists by what types of merchandise they offer or whether they are a new or returning vendor. [Read more]

How to Negotiate your Lease Renewal…and Win

Negotiating a Lease

Get Organized. Beginning the lease renewal process should start approximately nine – 12 months in advance for commercial tenants leasing retail or commercial space. [Read more]

Independent Retail Tenants: Negotiate Your Commercial Lease

Leasing for Dummies

Negotiating a commercial lease for many independent retail storeowners is very challenging. [Read more]

5 Budget Tips For Trade Show Success

5 Budget Tips For Trade Show Success

Trade shows are the ideal venue to meet new and existing suppliers, conduct business meetings, network and investigate new products. However, in order to make your trade show experience an investment for your business, consider these five budget tips for success. [Read more]

5 Ways to Turn Excess Inventory Into a Marketing Opportunity

Supplement Sales with Liquidation Merchandise

Every retailer has dealt with excess inventory in some capacity. You know, that purchase you were excited about, but your customers didn’t feel was a good deal? The one that has been sitting on the shelf getting price reduction after price reduction, but just isn’t moving? Many retailers walk away from such purchases and consider them a loss, but they don’t have to. The following solutions offer five ways to clear slow moving inventory, while creating marketing opportunities for your business. [Read more]

Take a Break and Put Your Marketing on Autopilot

Put Your Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Whether you are traveling for tradeshows or you’re taking off for a much deserved summer vacation, there are three simple steps to put your marketing on autopilot and keep your store’s foot traffic up, even while you are away. [Read more]

Win on Amazon with Repricing

Win on Amazon with Repricing

Each minute, $83,000 in sales are transacted on Amazon, according to Intel. If you do the math, that is an impressive $4,980,000 every hour, and $119,520,000 every day. This volume and visibility can be a game changer for many online retailers who sell on Amazon’s third-party marketplace. [Read more]

How to Brand Your Website

How to Brand Your Website

What is a brand? We can all easily name a few quickly. These brands permeate our culture on all modes of communication, like billboards, TV, digital and print. These top of mind companies may include newer brands, or ones that have existed for decades. [Read more]

Hot Jewelry & How to Sell It

Brian Nelson- You are here: Home / Uncategorized / Hot Jewelry & How to Sell It Hot Jewelry & How to Sell It

Jewelry sales in the United States grew to an estimated $71.3 billion in 2012, according to the 2013 U.S. Retail Jewelry Update by Polygon. This consistently popular product category offers retailers an opportunity to generate profits from emerging styles and timeless classics. Independent Retailer magazine asked Brian Nelson, sales manager for Sun Fashion Designs, to share trends he sees in the industry, along with tips on presenting and selling jewelry. [Read more]