How to Source Returned, Overstock and Refurbished Items Online


By Rob Caskey, VP Marketing, Many independent retailers rely on local wholesale outlets or tradeshows to purchase their goods. Another efficient option is to tap into trusted online sites that sell returned, overstock and refurbished items—aka the secondary market. There are numerous benefits to sourcing these types of products online, including greater product range, […]

How to Expand Your Small Business

How to expand your small business

Here are some tips to help you attract choice workers and keep your business running efficiently in 2013.

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Update Warehouse Equipment for Efficient Operation

energy star office equipment

If your warehouse is the heart of your business, and you are using outdated equipment, you may be missing out on revenue.

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Traffic and Conversion Important for All Retailers

mark ryski, founder and CEO, HeadCount

Smart retailers of every size across every category will measure traffic and conversion rates to manage their businesses better in 2013.

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How to Get Buzz for Your Business

How to get buzz for your business

To win publicity for your brick and mortar store, which can lead to an increase in foot traffic, share a story with the media.

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How to Set Up a PPC Campaign (Part Two)

Jay Wilner PPC Campaign

Here are a few tips to help independent retailers manage and optimize PPC campaigns.

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How to Reopen Quickly, if Disaster Strikes

greg denning all american mechanical contractors

Greg Denning, president of All American Mechanical Contactors, offers suggestions to help retailers prepare to handle disasters of all types.

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How to Make Your Store a Holiday Hit

caron beesley small business administration

With the holiday shopping season upon us, now is the time to connect with customers with these tips from Caron Beesley, SBA Blogger.

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Marketing With a Backstory

Marketing backstory

What makes a brand memorable is the backstory, and the good news is that every company has one.

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How to Become a Millionaire Shopkeeper

Be a Millionaire Shopkeeper

Joanna Bradshaw reveals the tricks of the trade, of which many independents may not be aware, that increase sales and profitability.

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