How to Eliminate Concealed Transportation Expenses

DM Transportation inbound shipping charges

Nicholas Isasi, EVP for DM Transportation, shares seven steps retailers can take to reduce inbound transportation costs. [Read more]

Inside Quick Response Codes

image of QR code guide

Their efficiency was harnessed to help track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process, but has now spread across every industry as a savvy square for sharp consumers. [Read more]

Drive Traffic to Your Online Store with Pinterest


Pinterest has more than 20 million users and is the third most visited social network, right behind Facebook and Twitter. [Read more]

Use Data to Optimize Loyalty

customer loyalty image

Marketers know that the key to real loyalty is making a program a “win-win” for business, meaning that the loyalty program becomes a revenue stream. [Read more]

How to Set Up a PPC Campaign (Part One)

how to set up a pay per click (ppc) campaign

Google AdWords is so well designed that you can create ads and start a campaign within an hour. Boom. Up and running, right? Not likely. [Read more]

Video: Best-Selling Merchandising Techniques

image of rubber duck merchandising

See how to merchandise products to attract customers and hear about one retailer who capitalized on a carnival technique. [Read more]

Video: Tips for Buying Wholesale

image video tips

In this video about maximizing sales, learn what is essential to have before doing business with wholesalers. [Read more]

How to Be Immune to Uncertainty

image of immunity

For retailers looking to advance in 2013, there are three key points essential to staying the course and building business value. [Read more]

Protect Your Investment with Small Business Insurance

small business insurance tips

Insurance coverage can help minimize your financial risk and is available for every conceivable risk your business might face. [Read more]

Email Signatures


Email signatures are important and showcase your professionalism as a small business owner.

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