How to Reopen Quickly, if Disaster Strikes

greg denning all american mechanical contractors

Greg Denning, president of All American Mechanical Contactors, offers suggestions to help retailers prepare to handle disasters of all types.

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How to Make Your Store a Holiday Hit

caron beesley small business administration

With the holiday shopping season upon us, now is the time to connect with customers with these tips from Caron Beesley, SBA Blogger.

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Marketing With a Backstory

Marketing backstory

What makes a brand memorable is the backstory, and the good news is that every company has one.

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How to Become a Millionaire Shopkeeper

Be a Millionaire Shopkeeper

Joanna Bradshaw reveals the tricks of the trade, of which many independents may not be aware, that increase sales and profitability.

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NCR Silver POP & Data Service

image of ncr silver technology being used

This system helps small businesses track sales, connect with customers, and sell from any location.

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How to Eliminate Concealed Transportation Expenses

DM Transportation inbound shipping charges

Nicholas Isasi, EVP for DM Transportation, shares seven steps retailers can take to reduce inbound transportation costs.

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Inside Quick Response Codes

image of QR code guide

Their efficiency was harnessed to help track vehicle parts during the manufacturing process, but has now spread across every industry as a savvy square for sharp consumers.

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Drive Traffic to Your Online Store with Pinterest


Pinterest has more than 20 million users and is the third most visited social network, right behind Facebook and Twitter.

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Use Data to Optimize Loyalty

customer loyalty image

Marketers know that the key to real loyalty is making a program a “win-win” for business, meaning that the loyalty program becomes a revenue stream.

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How to Set Up a PPC Campaign (Part One)

how to set up a pay per click (ppc) campaign

Google AdWords is so well designed that you can create ads and start a campaign within an hour. Boom. Up and running, right? Not likely.

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