Consumers Demand A Perfect Fit When Buying Fashion Jewelry

Chains by the Inch

If you wear a size 9-½ in shoes, would you buy size 10 because that is the closest size the store had? Absolutely not. If your ring size is 7 and all the store has is size 6 or 8, then you will most likely walk out empty handed—as you should in this situation. The same goes for purchasing fashion jewelry chains.

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Inch of Gold: Custom Gold and Silver Chains

Inch of Gold

According to Inch of Gold, retail success can measured by the inch. Based in West Palm Beach, Fla., Inch of Gold has been a leading wholesaler of fashion gold and silver wholesale jewelry chain since 1982. The company’s niche is do-it-yourself custom gold and silver chains. The products are offered on spools that consumers can touch and feel for themselves, then have measured and cut to their own specifications.

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Custom Gold Chains Yield Huge Profits

Inch of Gold Inc.

Inch of Gold Inc. is a wholesale supplier of fashion jewelry chains that retailers sell by the inch, and has been specializing in this model for more than 30 years. Inch of Gold’s fashion chains include 18k gold layered chains, sterling silver layered chains, crystal chains containing genuine Austrian crystals, and stainless steel chains.

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