Getting Holiday Ready

Holiday Sales

From decorations and lights to signage and displays, holiday season is just around the corner and retailers need to make sure they prepare their stores for the influx of buyers.

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Three Questions Retailers Must Ask Before Buying Into Buy Buttons

Mobile Payments

In the digital age, one thing is certain. Consumers crave instant gratification.

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RFID Technology in Retail

Retail Infographic

As retailers continue to look for new ways to manage inventory, reduce shrink and drive sales revenue, they are starting to take a serious look at RFID technology.

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How Point of Sale Can Benefit All Retailers

Point of Sale

Ever since the 1900′s where local corner stores dominated the retail world, the customer experience has pretty much remained a constant.

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Four Things To Think About When Going From Online to Brick and Mortar

Brick & Mortar

‘Will they or won’t they?’ continues to be the big question about Amazon’s plan (or lack thereof) to open a retail store.

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5 Ways the Corner Store Should Think Walmart

Small Data Opportunity

Most small business owners start a business out of a passion – maybe they love baking cupcakes or building skateboards.

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Beyond Shipping


Many companies view shipping the same way they might look at utilities or phone service: a necessary evil, a cost of doing business.

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Best Practices for Buying Returned and Excess Merchandise

Returned & Excess Merchandise

Relaxed customer return policies by major retailers and manufacturers increase customer loyalty but they also drive up the amount of merchandise that is sent back.

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Customer Experience: 5 Ways to Take it Beyond Marketing

Customer Experience

For most businesses, customer experience falls exclusively to the hands of the marketing team.

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Inventory Gone Wild? Keep Everything in Check with These Tips

Inventory Gone Wild

Inventory management has come a long way since the days of clipboards or spreadsheets.

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