Candy May be the Hidden Secret to Sweet Success

Royal Wholesale Candy

In today’s marketplace, it is harder than ever for a retailer to find where they fit in: what product line they should carry, who their target market should be or how to price their inventory. [Read more]

Turn This Year’s Excess Inventory into Next Year’s Tax Deduction

Excess Inventory and Taxes

If you are like many retailers, one of your greatest ongoing challenges is disposing of excess inventory. [Read more]

Bringing Your Own Terms to Trade Shows: Tipping the Balance of Power in Financing

Trade Shows

You walk into a trade show and feel the buzz around you. The negotiations between buyers and sellers invoke the historical imagery of today’s modern marketplace. [Read more]

One System, One Solution, SimOne


Gone are the days when an eTailer must review, license, learn, maintain, upgrade and log into multiple systems to be able to accomplish all the tasks necessary to manage the business. [Read more]

Starboxes Brand for Success


David Holt, president of Uboxes, the parent company to Starboxes, thinks many retailers are passing up a great chance to inexpensively brand themselves. [Read more]

Faster Help For Holiday Customers

Help for Customers

News flash! Americans are impatient! We don’t want to wait 30 seconds for our computers to boot up, or take five minutes to get out of our cars to get our Big Macs. We want everything fast, and that includes checking out at our favorite retail establishments. [Read more]

Capturing Untapped Profits with Inventory Planning

Open to buy software

If your shop requires forecasting of inventory and the placement of advance orders, it is time to review your Open To Buy methods (OTB). Open To Buy is necessary for retailers to control their inventory. [Read more]

5 Ways to Turn Excess Inventory Into a Marketing Opportunity

Supplement Sales with Liquidation Merchandise

Every retailer has dealt with excess inventory in some capacity. You know, that purchase you were excited about, but your customers didn’t feel was a good deal? The one that has been sitting on the shelf getting price reduction after price reduction, but just isn’t moving? Many retailers walk away from such purchases and consider them a loss, but they don’t have to. The following solutions offer five ways to clear slow moving inventory, while creating marketing opportunities for your business. [Read more]

5 Must-Have Tech Tools for Retailers

5 Must-Have Tech Tools for Retailers

When it comes to growing a retail business, everyone can use a little help. Fortunately, there are numerous apps, software programs and tools that can help merchants manage everything from inventory to staff. Below are five must-have tech tools for retailers. [Read more]

Tech-Savvy Retail Management

Tech-Savvy Retail Management

By Adam Kinsey The modern retailer needs some technological prowess to maximize profits and efficiency. However, some of the most useful technology seems to be an unattainable mess of acronyms and jargon. Two types of management software a retail owner should consider using are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration). These programs […]