The Rise of Jewelry Accessories


The jewelry accessory category is one for which the demand has been growing. For independent retailers, it’s an easy, add-on business, and stores love it. Suppliers like E’arrs Inc. even offer a spinner display unit that makes the products hard to resist, impulse buys. It’s also a non-seasonal fashion category, which sells just as well […]

Cornerstone Creations: Helping Through Wholesale


Paul and Linda Cahill got into the business of selling jewelry for a higher cause than simply enriching their bank accounts. Rather, they started up Cornerstone Creations last year as a way of enriching the lives of those less fortunate.

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Something Fun for Summer


With summer upon us, many independent retailers are looking for those suppliers carrying just the right items for the season.

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Pampered Princess Thrives By Staying Loyal, Offering Wanted Jewelry


Pampered Princess has been in business for two decades, dating all the way back to when owner Sharee Kowalski started selling jewelry out of her car.

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Genuine Native Crafts


Native Crafts was started in Oroville, Washington about 20 years ago by Beverely Teall. In the beginning, traveling the Native American pow-wow circuit from spring to autumn was the name of the game.

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Wholesalers Meet Challenges Online

How’s the economy treating you? The conventional wisdom is that a sluggish economy is not good for business, but when you narrow down, especially to wholesalers who target discount stores and other independent retailers, many companies are finding strategies to grow and even thrive. It’s been a banner year for Conklin Fashions, for example, a […]

Hot Bandz Bandwagon


A new kids’ jewelry product has twanged and snapped its way into a genuine youth fad. Rubber band bracelets, known collectively as, “bandz,” are the latest hot craze to pique the interest of the 12 and under set, although there are reports of high schoolers and even college kids getting in on the action. The […]

Gold Filled Jewelry

Gold Bangles

JK Gold Filled Jewelry specializes in Gold Filled Jewelry, Bangles, Indian Bangles, Gold Filled Tricolor Bangles and more.

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Fashion Accessories Forecast

Consumers are looking carefully at every dollar they spend, and while many are foregoing complete new spring and summer wardrobe purchases, they still plan to spruce up last year’s outfits with new handbags, scarves, belts, shoes, wallets, jewelry, and a host of other fashion accessories. In a recent survey of fashion accessory suppliers, there really […]

Learn From Jewelry Websites

Does your website sell jewelry? Or are you a brick and mortar store looking to grab a bigger share of the market? If you fit either of these descriptions, you need to check out The Jeweler Website Advisory Group (jWAG) at This group, headquartered in Totowa, NJ, is publishing research data about advertising and […]