Sterling Silver Straight from Italy to Your Store

Azur Global Imports

Specializing in Sterling Silver chains imported directly from Italy, Azur Global Imports offers only the best quality products to their retail clientele. [Read more]

Hot Jewelry Designs for a Cool Price: Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels by Phillips International Inc. offers wholesale jewelry for retailers worldwide, including an array of mood, Americana, and nautical themed jewelry. [Read more]

Olympia Gold, Inc. Shines

Olympia Gold

Now is a good time to be in the gold business, according to Skip Wilson, CEO of Olympia Gold, Inc. Olympia Gold specializes in wholesale jewelry and costume jewelry, as well as chains-by-the-inch in layered gold and layered silver. [Read more]

Sun Fashion Designs Staying on Trend

Sun Fashion Designs

Heather Zinkl, sales manager at Sun Fashion Designs, knows a good thing when she sees it—and for Sun Fashion that means stainless steel jewelry. [Read more]

Teeda Offers Tips for Selling Jewelry

AJT - Teeda

Jack Teja, manager of Teeda, knows how retailers can sell more jewelry [Read more]

SalesOne Using the Force: Star Wars Licensing

Star Wars Jewelry

As a small privately owned company that started off with only twenty-two employees, SalesOne International continues to be in business after fifteen years. [Read more]

Consumers Demand A Perfect Fit When Buying Fashion Jewelry

Chains by the Inch

If you wear a size 9-½ in shoes, would you buy size 10 because that is the closest size the store had? Absolutely not. If your ring size is 7 and all the store has is size 6 or 8, then you will most likely walk out empty handed—as you should in this situation. The same goes for purchasing fashion jewelry chains. [Read more]

Fall Jewelry & Fashion Trends

Fall Jewelry & Fashion Trends

As we look forward to the Fall/ Winter shopping season, independent retailers are getting ready to update their inventories with the latest trends in jewelry and fashion accessories. Many retailers are wondering what the new hot trends will be, and it is impossible to choose just one single trend in jewelry and accessories. [Read more]

2014 Fashion Trend: Statement Necklaces

2014 Fashion Trend: Statement Necklaces

On top of the fashion food chain this year are bright, chunky statement necklaces. If you don’t believe it, walk into any store at the mall and take a look around. It is guaranteed you will see at least one section overflowing with these vibrant necklaces. [Read more]

Glitsand Jewelry Collection

Glitsand Jewelry Collection

Glitsand® by Kristash® Bijoux is a unique collection of clear acrylic tubes containing a mixture of glitter and sand. The line includes pendants worn on chains or bracelets, and earrings. Made in the USA, the tubes are available in sterling silver and pewter. [Read more]