Tangle Free Necklace Saver


The Necklace Saver is a patent-pending product designed to keep necklaces tangle free, at home or when traveling. Made from lightweight, iridescent pastel organza, the product is fashioned into a sleeve, or tube, that is open on both ends. The consumer slips an unclasped necklace into the sleeve holding one end, grasps the other end […]

Water Conserving Garden Products from JRM Chemical


JRM Chemical Inc. sells a line of lightweight, water-storing polymer products in the horticultural, gift, floral, agricultural and holiday markets. Merchandise ranges from water conservation products for indoor and outdoor plants, to decorative and holiday beads and novelties. The company’s flagship product, Soil Moist, reduces plant waterings by 50 percent, limits transplant shock and soil […]

Dixieland Sales: Brand Name Closeout Source


Dixieland Sales Inc. (DSI) distributes closeouts and offers around 5,000 items, with new products always available.  Launched in 1972, DSI’s vast product line includes groceries, tools and hardware, knives, lawn and garden, cookware, gifts and novelties, collegiate items and seasonal goods. All merchandise is new, featuring many brand names such as Good Year, Hershey and […]

Simply Southern Tees: Country to Christian T-Shirts


Simply Southern Tees produces country and Christian themed tee shirts, made of the highest quality 6.1 ounce cotton, featuring the latest trends. Launched in 2003, the company also sells related gifts and fashion accessories, including cell phone cases, license plates, handbags and wallets. Simply Southern Tees’ clothing and accessory lines sell well in a variety […]

Emerging Technologies Combat Retail Theft


Organized retail crime (ORC), shoplifting and employee theft are growing concerns among merchants, but emerging tools offer retailers some security in protecting their bottom lines from loss. Retail Systems Research (RSR) says retailers are at risk of being rendered irrelevant if they are unable to keep up with this new technology. According to the National […]

Licensed Collegiate Fashions from eSandol.com


eSandol.com, operated by Bethel International Inc., recently expanded its line of licensed collegiate jewelry and accessories to offer new merchandise at consumer-dictated price points. “We offer fashionable feminine styles that women know was made just for them,” says J. Kim, sales director of eSandol.com. Representing around 35 colleges, several new pieces have been added at […]

Retail Crime Trends

The National Retail Federation’s NRF ninth annual Organized Retail Crime (ORC) survey, found recently that 93.5 percent of retailers have been a victim of organized retail crime in the past year, down slightly from 96 percent. Still, eight in ten surveyed believe that ORC activity in the U.S. has increased over the past three years. […]

Wow Bacon for Microwave


Wow Bacon, the patented bacon cooker from CHALNJ (“challenge”), is the newest way to prepare bacon without a dangerous, greasy mess. It is the only completely enclosed utensil in the world that cooks bacon in the microwave. The product is ideal for sale in a variety of retail shops, from cookware to gourmet, to grocery […]

Viewpoint: Marketplace Fairness Act

The Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA), as drafted, provides a small business sales tax exemption that will protect small business owners that collect under $1 million in remote sales, or sales to customers in states where the seller does not have a physical presence. Arguments have been made that the $1 million threshold is too low, […]

Turnkey Solutions For Ecommerce Success


The term “turnkey” is often used in the technology industry to describe pre-built computer packages in which everything needed to perform a certain task, such as recurring billing and shipping, is sold as a bundle. Such packages for ecommerce often integrate many applications to help develop a website with ready-made solutions and configurations to sell […]