Independent Retailer Month

Independent Retailer Month

Think about ‘independent’ retailers and you get exactly what the phrase implies: unique, different, unusual, individual and non-conforming. This also defines Independent Retailer Month and its origin. Two very different people with a common desire to salute independent retailers around the globe have partnered to call attention to these entrepreneurs. Kerry Bannigan, founder of NOLCHA, […]

Creepy Crawlies for Kiosks


The Real Insect Company and its Lucite Acrylic resin nature novelty items can be found in retail stores in all 50 states, and are looking for more kiosk opportunities.

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Building Customer Loyalty

For retailers looking to keep repeat customers and benefit from repeat sales, the cliché motto, “The customer is always right,” holds validity. Why is the customer always right? Simply, the customer knows what they want, what quality they expect, what price they plan on paying, and how they expect to be treated, wooed and wowed […]

Speed Pepper Spray

Tornado Defense System

Ruger Ultra provides an answer to those concerned for their personal safety, but anxious about the use of pepper spray in panicked defense.

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June 2011

Independent Retailer June 2011