Sharing Faith with Kerusso


Incorporating traditional design elements like block lettering, feathers and bright colors, the talented designers at Kerusso keep their Christian t-shirt collections trendy and attractive while simultaneously supporting their Christian message.

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Put Your Faith in Kerusso


Kerusso is a business with a mission. Founded in 1987 by Vic Kennett with a $1,000 family loan, the word Kerusso comes from the New Testament Greek and translates into “preach.”

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Apparel Fashion Trends


Every new year and every new fashion wholesaler requires goals and resolutions to stay ahead of the competition, and 2012 is no exception.

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Kerusso’s Faithful T’s


While over 20 designs were brainstormed for Kerusso’s newest apparel line, customer feedback led to the production of nine adult and five children’s T-shirt designs.

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Kerusso’s Inspirational Gifts and Souvenirs


Kerusso believes its Christian themed apparel and giftware products are suitable for any location, store type and target customer.

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Kerusso Company is Keeping The Faith at Kiosks


Christian-themed apparel maker offers a wide line of products, especially useful to cart and kiosk owners

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