Ridgeway: Custom American Novelties

bear knife stand by Ridgeway

Ridgeway has supplied unique, American-themed goods to retailers for over thirty years. Based out of Montana, Ridgeway offers raccoon fur hats, hunting and collectible knives, headwear, personalized t-shirts, leather goods, laser jewelry, antler products, sand-carved glassware and many other collectibles and novelties. [Read more]

Precision Throwing Tomahawk

Precision Throwing Tomahawk

Looking for the perfect product for the grown up kid or budding outdoorsman with a flair for the dramatic? Then look no further than a precision throwing tomahawk. Offered by ThrowerSupply.com, a division of KCW Holdings, LLC, based in Springville, Utah, the product is designed and weighted for throwing; no more bouncing off the target or hitting handle first. [Read more]

Value & Variety Buys At ASDLV

Value & Variety Buys At ASDLV

Retailers and distributors often buy quick selling products in volume to get the best deals. Many times these buyers choose Kole Imports, Promier Products and Master Cutlery for their reliable quality, discounted prices and great profit margins. [Read more]

Neptune Trading Knives, Swords and More

image of neptune trading inc.

For the holidays, a lot of items have an uptick in popularity based on what games and movies come out. [Read more]

Immortals Weaponry Replicas


Sure to draw attention from all ages is the new line of weaponry, the Immortals licensed collection, inspired by the recently released movie. [Read more]

Wuu Jau Knows Cutlery and Collectors

Cutlery Collectibles

Wuu Jau has been supplying the growing cutlery collectors community since 1984, offering wholesale collector and cutlery items. [Read more]

Pacific Solution For Collectible Swords and Knives


The huge market for knife and sword collectors, places Pacific Solution Marketing in a great position. [Read more]

Pacific Solution Marketing

Pacific Solution Marketing began as a retail company, selling its products mainly at flea markets. But after nearly a decade of operation this way, the entire structure and direction of the company was changed to strictly wholesale. This was back in the mid 1990s, and the company hasn’t looked back. Specializing in edged products such […]

Security Products and More from DMA


DMA Inc. is an Arlington, TX-based company which distributes wholesale airsoft guns, knives, swords and novelty items, as well as security equipment of all kinds. [Read more]

Collectible Knives Galore


Anjay Traders offers a wide assortment of specialty knives and related merchandise. [Read more]