Getting Mobile-Ready for the Holiday Season


It’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing people on their cell phones, which means as a retailer, if you’re not on your customers’ phones you are missing out. Follow these tips to make sure all your mobile basics are covered this holiday season [Read more]

Take It To The Next Level: Creating A Borderless Retail Experience

borderless shopping

Ninety percent of consumers expect the lines between physical store, online, mobile app, and phone support to be invisible. [Read more]

Responsive Design or Mobile Site: Which is Right For You?

Responsive Design or Mobile Site: Which is Right For You?

Mcommerce sales from mobile devices are forecast to approach nearly $52.17 billion in 2014. $17 billion of that will come from smartphones, and the remainder will be split between tablets and other mobile devices. Many online retailers have already adapted their sites to produce a mobile ready version that is poised to take advantage of this opportunity. [Read more]

Shopgate Introduces Flexible Pricing Mcommerce Solution


Shopgate Inc., a mobile commerce provider, has introduced a new flexible pricing model that enables online merchants to set their own pricing for its award-winning mcommerce solutions. The new pricing structure allows ecommerce stores to customize their minimum contract period, fees and mobile integration in order to enter the rapidly growing mobile shopping market. [Read more]

Social and Mobile: Riding the Off-Site Commerce Wave

Social and Mobile: Riding the Off-Site Commerce Wave

So, you are moving along with your business, and you do not have a lot of time. You certainly do not have time to follow all the news about social networks and mobile phones, you say. Well trust me, that is exactly what you must do. Before it is too late, take your head out of the sand and have your friends hold you upside down and shake you until every kernel of sand is out of your ears. All kidding aside, if you do not adjust to what is happening in off-site commerce, you will not remain competitive in the long-term. [Read more]

Vendio Builds Web Biz

image of vendio builds biz

Change in mcommerce is accelerating, and to the ecommerce architects at Vendio, a company that helps retailers build an online presence, it is clear that brick and mortar retailers can no longer rely on Google alone. [Read more]

mCommerce the New eCommerce

image of mcommerce trends research

Retailers looking to maintain their customer base have begun to take cues from recent data, making moves towards offering more mobile features to shoppers. [Read more]

Couch Commerce New Purchasing Trend

couch commerce

Couch commerce is driven by individuals who browse and make purchases using tablets, generally at night and on the weekends from their homes. [Read more]

Mcommerce Trends

mobile shopping survey

New survey reveals 45 percent of men shoppers and 34 percent of women shoppers are making mobile purchases. [Read more]

Shipping Costs Capsize Carts

shipping costs image

comScore uncovered is the importance of shipping in customer satisfaction regarding not only speed of delivery, but also website transparency and the value of options. [Read more]