Snapi® Serving Tool from KitchenHappy™

Snapi® Serving Tool from KitchenHappy™

Independent retailers looking for a colorful impulse buy that makes a great gift should check out Snapi®, the single handed serving utensil from KitchenHappy™. This server, for pasta, vegetables, salads and more, allows users to snap up a large or small portion without having to put down their plates.

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Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel

Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel

The Real Chemistry 3-Minute Precision Peel from BluDahlia treats acne, eczema, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. It gently exfoliates the face and décolletage, leaving skin radiant and velvety soft. Made in the USA, the peel is different than other skincare products because it is a pH neutral protein peel that does not contain acid

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Credit Card RFID Blocker


The Credit Card RFID Blocker solves a growing security risk for credit card holders. Available from Northland Auto Enterprises, this new product blocks scanners from accessing personal information in the RFID chips embedded in many credit cards. Over 200 million credit cards currently utilize RFID technology. The RFID microchip contains a signal capable of transmitting […]

UnderPAWS: Stylish Pet Protection for Cars


UnderPAWS, from Rellim Products, is the only exterior car door protector that lets one’s best friend enjoy the travel experience without damaging doors. Made in the USA, the product’s patent pending design allows for a universal fit on most cars and trucks, and is easy to apply and remove. UnderPAWS is made of extra thick […]

Toilet Tattoos Clean Up


Toilet Tattoos, removable appliqués for toilet lids, are made in the USA from electrostatic vinyl film and require no adhesive. “They are a hygienic alternative to the rugs typically used to decorate toilets,” says Celeste Massullo, owner of Lena Fioré, Inc., the company that produces the product. “They can be cleaned with a disinfectant spray […]

How Scramble Squares Sell in Multiple Markets

image of scramble squares puzzles

Available in 140 designs, Scramble Squares puzzles are touted as, “Perhaps the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle.”

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Everyone Loves Sweet Feet

image of sweet feet spray

“Sweet Feet does more than just cover up shoe odor,” co-owner Thomas Hooper says, “it kills bacteria and people really like that.”

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Heritage America Thermometers & More

image of thermometer from heritage america

All Heritage America by Morco products are made in America, and all products are designed, printed and produced in-house.

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Made In USA’s Surge

Recent and growing wage increases benefiting Chinese workers have made trading companies and Western retailers that import from China aware of potential cost increases and disgruntled American and European consumers. Bruce Rockowitz, chief executive of a large trading company supplying Chinese consumer goods to American retail chains, confirms the expected increase, saying, “The companies’ average […]

Made in USA Products in the US Capital

American Made

As the Smithsonian is owned by the American people, and designed to express our history, it should also be selling products made by American workers.

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