Return of American Manufacturing and Made in USA Brands

US Economy

A return in U.S. manufacturing and increase in Made in USA brands may be a reality within five years.

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Manly Signs From SJT Are Big Hit

31mayNP11_rjt-1 copy

A new line of guy focused signs may prove interesting for gift shops and other retailers in search of brisk selling new products.

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Soy Candles: New Twist On Ancient Product

Dallas Soy Candles

With scented-candle season in full swing, now there’s an environmentally safe choice, that’s smokeless as well.

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Veteran Candle Maker Makes Move Into Retail

SFI Finest Fragrances

SFI Fragrances is responding to customer demand and rolling out its line to retailers large and small

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Imperial Manufacturing Stays True to the U.S.A.


This Wisconsin-based company not only uses the highest-quality pewter available for its jewelry, but it also keeps all its design and manufacturing work here in America

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Survey Shows ‘Made in America’ Boosts Purchases

USA Small

Recent research says that American shoppers are more likely to buy products if they believe they were manufactured domestically.

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