Budpak Provides Profits for Retailers and Affordability for Consumers

Affordable Dermatological Creams

Unlike national dermatological creams, Budpak is an affordable alternative that says what it does and stands the test of time.

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Older Employees Bring Experience to Your Stores

Older Employee

Reconsider the value of your older workforce, there are many reasons that make your older employees as valuable, if not more so, than your younger employees.

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Nova Helps Innovate Your POS

Nova POS Software

Nova Point of Sale (POS) software, available as a risk-free trial, replaces both cash registers and business management programs.

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Retailers Advised to Update Hiring Process

Hiring Process

Retailers hope to find an employee, temporary or permanent, who is dedicated and customer friendly when on the job.

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Small Business Book: Guide to Toppling Chain Store Giants

Small Business Book

Independent retailers and small businesses encouraged to face and fight chain store competition.

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A Smile and a Greeting Could Grab an Extra Sale

Customer Service

Measure your customer service by taking a look at how much your customer spends.

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Small Retail Businesses Review and Update Loss Prevention Activities Post Recession

Loss Prevention

Independent Retailers are wise to continue loss prevention efforts even during economic recovery.

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How To Solve Common Business Problems

Solving just one problem is liberating, giving you the confidence, insight and skills to deal with the next set of difficulties. As a small business owner, you are a natural optimist and risk taker. Being hopeful is easy in the short term, yet wishing for less demanding customers, more motivated employees, and more cash in […]

Can You Survive on Keystone in Retail Today?

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, from a retail perspective. As online sales continue to grow, and more consumers continue to move their buying online, it’s increasingly difficult for brick and mortar retailers to compete. The main reason is that web retailers have one big competitive advantage: they don’t have a store. That […]

Have a Say in Customer Purchases with In-store Marketing

In-store Marketing

In-store marketing provides you with the opportunity to present a clear message to your target customer.

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