Exciting New Styles from Watchmania


Flashy, detailed watches rank high with consumers this year, as many people wear them to make fashion statements, as well as to keep track of time. “People will change their watches based on their activities or outfits on any given day,” points out Natalio Saks, owner of Watchmania. The most sought after watches add a […]

Google Feeds Your Appetite for Success


By Eric Leuenberger When it comes to the recipe for Internet sales success, brand and product exposure are key ingredients, and organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are just two ways of gaining publicity. A third, often overlooked, option for product awareness is the use of shopping comparison sites, such as […]

Self Defense Sells


When a police department receives an emergency call, the average response time is between nine and 13 minutes, according to the New York City Mayor’s management report. In more rural or suburban areas, this time can be even longer. Robert Lewis learned, after 35 years in law enforcement, that this amount of time can mean […]

Psychedelic Posters Rock Sales


The good old days are no farther than Wild Bill’s, a business built on age old paraphernalia, including Grateful Dead nonalcoholic wine, overgrown bobble head figurines, sepias and show print posters. With both an online presence and a shop in Middletown, CT, company owner Bill Ziegler has a passion for yesteryear, noting, “Nostalgia sells in […]

Light Up Sales with Flashing Rings from Flashing Panda


Flashing Panda wholesales an extensive line of light up LED novelties, including clear barware and ice cubes, party favors and toys, key chain flashlights, party jewelry and more. The company recently expanded its light up raver ring selection with several of the most popular new styles, including finger beams, three styles of flashing jelly rings, […]

Second Glance in First Place


Second Glance Resale Shop, owned by Tom and Melissa Jenkins, is one of the largest privately owned resale businesses in Detroit, MI. The company initially attracted customers as a consignment shop and soon found that some of its best consigners were also interested in liquidations, according to Tom Jenkins. In 2004 the company developed contracts […]

Custom Credit Processing Solutions


North American Bancard is a full-service credit card processing company that tailors its services to business owners across all industries. Launched in 1992, the firm now provides credit card processing capabilities to more than 150,000 merchants, with a staff of well over 700 full-time employees available to assist customers at all times. “We are truly […]

Latest Mad Styles


Vibrant, flowing and feminine clothing and accessories are in style this season, according to Dimple Mahajan, CEO of Mad Styles, a new clothing and accessory online wholesale shop. Mad Styles accommodates a variety of price points, selling both high end and affordable lines of long and short sleeve tops, halters and tanks, jeans and leggings, […]

Cover Me Protects Toothbrushes


Flushing a toilet sends bacteria eight feet into the air before it begins to settle on nearby surfaces, according to research by Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona in Tucson. When Cindy Martin, co-owner of Cynita, Inc., learned of this, her mind raced to the toothbrushes that lay exposed on […]

GTS Wholesale Trade Expos 2013


Resale and retail buyers will find world-class importers, manufacturers and wholesalers of the latest fashion and fine jewelry, handbags, apparel, closeouts and accessories at eight upcoming trade shows hosted by The Golden Triangle Show, Inc. Merchandise for sale will include fashion jewelry, priced from $1 to $100, as well as more expensive fine jewelry, says […]