An Online Merchant’s Guide to Successful Marketing


2016 is in full swing, and merchants everywhere are gearing up for the spring and summer seasons.

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How to Negotiate your Lease Renewal…and Win

Negotiating a Lease

Get Organized. Beginning the lease renewal process should start approximately nine – 12 months in advance for commercial tenants leasing retail or commercial space.

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Winning Window Designs

Window Displays

Spring is upon us; shoppers are emerging from their homes and into town.

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Buyer Paradise: Miami International Mart

Miami International Mart

Are you interested in a trip to Florida? Miami International Mart will make the jaunt worthwhile- and worth repeating.

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The March 2016 Issue of Independent Retailer Magazine is Available Now!

March 2016 Independent Retailer Magazine

The March 2016 Issue of Independent Retailer Magazine reviews and highlights how to profit from summer fashions and accessories! Check out more timely Product Trends, News, and Marketing tips as they are added to our website here:

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7 Reasons Accurate Inventory Tracking Matters

Inventory Tracking

Inventory changes constantly. Throughout each day, sales, returns, new receipts—even damage and theft—affect your stock levels.

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Tips for Success in the Offprice Industry

Offprice Industry

The offprice business remains one of retailing’s fastest growing sectors.

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Hot Trends for Summer Sales

Summer Sales

Summer is right around the corner, and warmer weather will soon be upon us. Although the higher temperatures have not yet arrived, buying season for spring and summer is in full effect.

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Empowering Employees to Improve Customer Service

Customer Service

What happens when there’s a problem? Workers need to know how to work through difficult situations with customers.

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