Brands Jump on Facebook's Upcoming Location Feature


The new feature would allow users to include their location as part of their status updates, and it is already being investigated by corporations and independent retailers alike.

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Four Tips to Boost Profits

Retailing is a challenging business, and for the independent store owner wanting to boost sales and profits, it typically comes down to spending more money on advertising and promotion to get more people into the store, in hopes they will buy more. But sales growth expert, Bob Janet, suggests another way. He thinks that the […]

Twitter Introduces "Promoted Tweets"


Advertisers will be able to select keywords they want their marketing messages to appear under when Twitter users do a search for those particular terms.

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Ten Website Tips

You have a website, but you would like it to be more successful. What can you do to make it more of what you need it to be? According to, Houston, TX, a company that furnishes credit card services and terminals, there are at least ten things you can do: Your Website Goals. Define […]

Email Marketing

Email marketing has now come of age, with an extremely high rate of return, outstanding tracking, reporting, and automated campaigns now available. More businesses should be adding it to their marketing solutions, according to Tim Pacileo, president, of theBoardRoomAdvisors. “Back in the early days, goods and services were marketed exclusively by word of mouth and […]

6 Tips to Increase Revenue

Cloud Marketing Labs, a Northfield, NJ firm that assists companies with their marketing efforts, offers six substantial tips to get your marketing program back on track in 2010. Measure everything. Wasteful marketing can be a real drain on a businesses’ budget. Before you start any type of marketing, set up a system in which you […]

Marketing Musts

OXFORD COMMUNICATIONS in central NJ offers five marketing resolutions for 2010 to help brands leverage industry trends and prepare for the consumerism renaissance.

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Trends to Watch in 2010

WHAT TRENDS should entrepreneurs look for in 2010? Kenneth A Kaufman, CEO of CFOwise, has released his top ten trends that founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs of start-up, emerging, and medium sized businesses should consider.

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Get Your Black Belt

YOU MAY NOT want to join your local martial arts establishment to get a black belt, but you should purchase Marketing Guru, Ali Pervez’s new book, “Get Your Black Belt in Marketing.” (Morgan James Publishing NY, December 2009).

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Marketing In A Recession

ALL THE NEGATIVITY of today’s world comes swirling into the consumers’ living rooms when they turn on the TV or listen to the radio, and get bombarded with the words, “recession, TARP, unemployment, foreclosures,” and other less than positive descriptors.

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