Three Steps to Creating a Bulletproof Return Policy

Store Returns

For consumers, return policy is often one of the main things they consider before making a purchase.

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4 Retail Strategies for Mobile Marketing Success

Mobile Marketing Success

Mobile devices have given customers new ways to interact with merchants.

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RFID Technology in Retail

Retail Infographic

As retailers continue to look for new ways to manage inventory, reduce shrink and drive sales revenue, they are starting to take a serious look at RFID technology.

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Beyond Your Lines: Liquidated Merchandise

The topic of purchasing liquidated merchandise may seem broad with the array of categories to choose from.

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7 Things Retailers Need to Know About Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Ben, a retailer, tells his entrepreneur friends to stay away from the last merchant service provider he tried.

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Beyond Your Lines: Self Defense Products

Rex International

The topic of knives and self-defense merchandise may seem broad with the array of items to choose from such as such as spring action, hunting and folding knives, pepper sprays, tasers and flashlights…

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Inventory Management and Returns: Drop Shipping Part I

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping seems to be an increasingly popular option for businesses when it comes to selling merchandise.

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Fall into Next Season’s Jewelry Trends


From delicate, small pieces and toe rings to layering and stackable bracelets, jewelry trends for the upcoming fall season are all about making a statement by keeping it simple.

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Beyond Your Lines: Watches


Expanding your retail merchandise always comes with the same set of questions: what do I want to sell next and how do I begin selling those items?

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The P’s and Q’s of Merchandising


In the wide world of marketing, business owners can target their audiences in a variety of ways.

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