RFID Technology in Retail

Retail Infographic

As retailers continue to look for new ways to manage inventory, reduce shrink and drive sales revenue, they are starting to take a serious look at RFID technology.

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Beyond Your Lines: Liquidated Merchandise


The topic of purchasing liquidated merchandise may seem broad with the array of categories to choose from.

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7 Things Retailers Need to Know About Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Ben, a retailer, tells his entrepreneur friends to stay away from the last merchant service provider he tried.

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Beyond Your Lines: Self Defense Products

Rex International

The topic of knives and self-defense merchandise may seem broad with the array of items to choose from such as such as spring action, hunting and folding knives, pepper sprays, tasers and flashlights…

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Inventory Management and Returns: Drop Shipping Part I

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping seems to be an increasingly popular option for businesses when it comes to selling merchandise.

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Fall into Next Season’s Jewelry Trends


From delicate, small pieces and toe rings to layering and stackable bracelets, jewelry trends for the upcoming fall season are all about making a statement by keeping it simple.

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Beyond Your Lines: Watches


Expanding your retail merchandise always comes with the same set of questions: what do I want to sell next and how do I begin selling those items?

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The P’s and Q’s of Merchandising


In the wide world of marketing, business owners can target their audiences in a variety of ways.

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Beyond Your Lines – Souvenirs


The topic of souvenirs may seem broad, but this way it will give you a chance to really think about what kinds of souvenirs should be sold at your specific store.

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Turn This Year’s Excess Inventory into Next Year’s Tax Deduction

Excess Inventory and Taxes

If you are like many retailers, one of your greatest ongoing challenges is disposing of excess inventory.

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